The Great British Bake Off: Ryan’s Key Lime Pie

When something is described as being one of the best things that the judges have tasted in three series of the Bake Off, how do you resist attempting to make it?

The answer to that of course is that you don’t.

You fully add it to the list (the ever, ever, increasing list) of things you want to make.

One day you bite the bullet and do it.

The recipe is available in the book, or online here.

I didn’t have the tin specified, so I made it in my 24cm tin, and had some pastry left over, so I made these little ones too. (helpfully, later I also had leftover filling, so all was well!)

Making the little ones was also an ideal time to test out the suggestion from the Seasonal Patisserie class that Mum and I attended at the cake and bake show, which was that instead of using paper and baking beans, use cling film and rice instead.

In theory the rice will weight the pastry down more evenly. It did work, but I’m not sure that it really makes that much difference.

Also, if you’re going to use paper and baking beans, scrunch up the paper and then it will assume the shape of the pastry case much better.

For the little ones, I baked them with beans/rice for the slightly reduced 8 minutes, then removed them and baked further for another 8 minutes.

For zesting my limes, I used a microplane grater, and also, for the decorative pieces of zest, this little guy:

I also reserved a few slices of limes for decoration, then of course I used my super duper citrus press for juicing my limes. I think this made my mixture slightly runny in comparison to what it should be, but it all turned out just fine. So I filled up my cases, then chilled them (in this case overnight as I was tired at this point and couldn’t be bothered to do the rest!)

So, the next night……………. it was time for making the italian meringue… then piping it:

Then it was time to play with my blowtorch (Thanks Brother, I finally used it!):

Then a bit of decoration…..

Boom! Done!

So rather than ruin my beautiful one, we cut into a couple of the smaller ones to have a taste:

For the verdict… I shall ask Mr M as I burnt the top of my mouth yesterday. It hurts. I can’t eat properly.

He said, and I quote “Nicest pie ever”.

So there you go!

This is part of Lotties World of Cakes and Bakes Blog Challenge



  1. Wow you managed to recreate that amazing lime pie – it looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! It actually wasn’t too tricky, it just goes to show that sometimes the simple little extra bits can make all the difference! L

  2. It looks fantastic! I couldn’t believe how much praise this pie got on the show!

    1. I know! That’s part of the reason I was so intrigued to make it! That, and that I love Lime and Ginger.

      I think if I made it again I would put even more ginger in it.

  3. […] next entry was Ryan’s Key Lime Pie, which looks delicious! I couldn’t believe how much praise this got on the show, it must be […]

  4. Hi Lindsay, what recipe did you use for the meringue? I can’t seem to see it on the BBC website.

    1. It is hidden in the list and instructions for the lime filling, which makes it slightly confusing, but the whites of the eggs, and the sugar, which are listed in the ingredients are for the meringue.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Ah yes, there it is. Thanks Lindsay 🙂
        Did you bake your filling as the recipe suggests or just leave it to chill?

      2. I think I just chilled it.

  5. Constance · · Reply

    I’m really confused whether to bake the filling or not, the recipe says bake and I rewatched the episode of great british bake off and he mentions baking it on there. However I obviously read your comments and you said not to bake it and I read this which also said they shouldn’t have baked it. I don’t suppose anyone could help please?

    1. Ok, confession time.

      I didn’t bake it, but this was more from me not following the instructions properly, than some sort of clever comparison of bake vs no bake. It was just fine, it set, and it was tasty. I have actually made it twice now, and completely missed the whole baking thing both times!

      The recipe does say bake though, so I leave the choice up to you.

      If you do bake it, let me know how it goes, I’d love to know how it works out when someone actually follows the instrictions! 😉

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