So… what have I been upto?

This week has been yet again, uncharacteristically lovely. Weather-wise anyway. It’s almost like it is actually summer, rather than this rubbish, rainy, cold stuff we have been used to over the last few years. I hope it stays for a little while at least.

But while it’s so nice outside, it seems a waste to spend time inside, so I haven’t been up to all that much crafting-wise. Or at least, not much I can tell you about just yet.

I did however finish the cross stitch that I started a few weeks ago:


It’s cute yes? It’s an old pattern from CrossStitcher Issue 256 that I had seen and marked as wanting to stitch a while ago. I am sort of thinking I may get a collection of little things and pictures together to decorate the walls in the crafting room…. once we get the roof fixed!

Also, I have purchased myself a new sewing pattern (I bought mine from the Village Haberdashery online… and also treated myself to the Lonsdale dress pattern…. I might get to it one day!) so that I can have a go at the Tofino sew-a-long!

I am hoping to at least sort out my pattern and perhaps buy/find some fabric today, as I’m feeling a little behind! Also, I should probably stay out of the sun today as I got a little pink yesterday. Oops. Turns out that if you sit outside Hart’s Bakery for 2 hours in the glorious weather….. you should probably remember sun lotion. Factor 50 all the way.


  1. I love this! You have such a cross stitch talent x

    1. Yep. I love him. There is also a Giraffe and something else that I can’t remember right now, but they are more swirly patterns. They are on the list of ones I want to stitch though. Right now I have just started one by Floss and Mischief, which was in the same issue of CrossStitcher. It’s really fun, all blues and greens, although currently it looks like a leprechaun with antlers!

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