Happy Happy House

I have had this pattern awaiting stitching for a little while, in fact, since I saw it in the April issue of CrossStitcher.

To begin with it looks like a random collection of colourful shapes… I showed it to my cousins wife and she said “ooh lovely… it’s very… abstract… Are they trees?”

Once it’s all stitched, with hearts included. It’s much clearer. Like one of those Dingbats questions, or optical illusion type questions:

I haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet, in the magazine it is made into a wall hanging, but I was thinking perhaps of framing it instead (and finally getting round to framing the sunshine one….)

Also can I just share how neat the back is? I’m very proud.


  1. lawen83 · · Reply

    I love this! So cute! Could I possibly borrow the pattern?

    1. Fo’ sho’! x

      1. Awesomes! I may change the colours to go in my flat 🙂

  2. Amazing! You are so neat too. This pattern is on my list of patterns to make. Gorgeous x

    1. It is fairly easy to keep it neat on a pattern like this one, as the big blocks of colour are much neater to stitch than when it chops and changes. The finished piece is still awaiting being framed/mounted/something though, it is in my pile of shame!

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