Monthly Archives: February 2015

On Game Days We Wear Teal….. Part 2.

This weekend has been a lazy weekend. I think it was due after a hectic week, but I did make an effort on Saturday morning to make Mr M a new shirt. It is another Colette Negroni, made using the exact same pieces that I had already adjusted for his previous shirts here. I made […]

Hedwig: Bubo scandiacus

Sometimes fixing a mistake is so depressing and time consuming. I guess that this is an example of when it is acceptable to trash something and start over. I started this penultimate bird in the CrossStitcher Magazine series a couple of months ago, messed up part of it early on, and then it took so […]

Welcome back Bernie!

Happy days people! I picked up my beloved Bernina from Ray’s Sewing Machine Center yesterday, and she is running smoothly once again! I was concerned that it was curtains for Bernie after I took it to one sewing machine repair place and they suggested that it was too expensive to fix, and that I should […]

Superchunky Snood

Sometimes I like to treat myself to buying a real hard copy of one of the UK crafting magazines. A couple of months before Christmas I bought the Mollie Makes Christmas Magbook so I could ogle all the crafting projects I would like to do if I had time, and the cute Wool and the […]

Melty Mozzarella of Deliciousness

So, last week we made pizza, and tried to make cheese, and we kind of succeeded. It was cheese. It was just not mozzarella, kinda ricotta-ish, or like a cheesy dip/spread type consistency. We did of course put it on the¬†pizza anyway, and then dipped Kettle Chips in it. Waste not want not. Yum. Tonight […]