Monthly Archives: October 2012

Reggae Custard Tarts

There’s a guy at work. Our IT guy. I made Custard Tarts once, and brought them into work. They were a big hit. They now are my go-to thing to make for bribery. Last week however, he fixed one of my IT related problems, before I even nagged him the second time (and before he […]

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Pizza

Earlier this week I saw a link to this recipe on Facebook. Ummmm… yum? I had, a long while ago, contemplated to myself about making a dessert pizza, but never taken the plunge. Time was ripe…. and no better time in fact, than Friday evening after a long week at work, to indulge yourself in […]

Gnocchi with a Cheesy Peasy Smoked Paprika Sauce

I have been lucky this week. It has been a week of tasty delights so far: Day 1 Lunch: Leftover Beetroot Risotto Day 1 Evening: Easy Cheesy Lentils from Rose Elliot (with added Peas and carrots otherwise I find it’s a little too much) Day 2 Lunch: Mothership Tuesday at Pieminister! Pie, Mash, Minted Peas, […]

Kirby Style Comfort Food: Jolly Cakes

In this house, when people come to visit and have a Marsh breakfast, generally Mr M makes the full works. I’m actually not a fan. My favourite thing for breakfast is one of those family recipes where no one is really sure where it came from, but is a well-loved standby when you need something […]

Learning to Crochet

This weekend we’re paying a visit to Mama and Papa M, and feeling a bit sub-par and lazy, it is half 4 in the afternoon and I am still in my pyjamas. Hey ho. It’s Saturday, and I’m not working, so I will have a pyjama day if I like. I have however been reading, […]

Beetroot Risotto

Great British Bake Off Final! The excitement! Time to find out who won, who dropped their cake, and whether the trophy could top last year’s for sheer horrific-ness. (it didn’t, it seemed to be kind of disappointingly ordinary, just a glass cake stand) I thought I would actually cook something rather than just grazing though, […]

The quick share…..

Guess what I’m making?

Grandma K’s Lemon Cheese

Whether you call it Lemon Cheese or Lemon Curd I think really boils down to preference. I usually refer to that stuff you buy in the supermarket as Lemon Curd, the homemade high quality stuff is Lemon Cheese, in my family anyway, and I love it! I spent the morning at work, not very exciting. […]

Paul Hollywood’s Cheddar and Apple Sourdough. (and a cheese and pickle variation)

Since I got my sourdough starter (Pauline) in July, I have made quite a few loaves. Some have been good, some not so good, some got welded to the surface of the baking stone because I was too impatient to wait for it to properly come up to temperature…………. However, all have been just the […]

Twice fried fries.

I bought myself a new toy on monday. Fed up of faffing about with big pans of oil, continually adjusting the gas so that temperature is right… Oh and did I mention big pan of oil + naked flame? Not safe. So tonight I thought I would try it out by making some chips. I […]