Monthly Archives: November 2012

“Rolo” Cupcakes

I could be going to see Jon Richardson tonight. Instead, as I couldn’t swap off work, I am watching old episodes of Doctor Who and writing this. I had the inspiration for making these when I finally tidied up my bits and pieces from my trip to London with my Mum, and found my free […]

Irish Potato Apple Cake

Irish cooking. Full of potatoes right? Well this is a recipe to live up to stereotypes! I went to Dublin the weekend before last, and if you go away, of course you have to bring stuff into work. However the joy of Ryanair baggage allowance meant that we didn’t actually bring anything back from Ireland, […]

Leftovers Patties

You know when you do too much mash? Or carrots? Or anything else…. and you put it in a tub in the fridge to use up… always with the best of intentions, but then you find it again 3 weeks later and it has some weird fungal growth going on? Well, before it gets to […]

My weekend….

….. has consisted of being on call, and a whole lot of rain! It has in fact rained so much, and the road I usually take to work is super winding… and on a hill… that a whole load of debris is all over the road and the Police have closed it. Hmmph. So I’ve […]

Chocolate and Caramel Chelsea Buns

So I made these Chelsea Buns a few weeks ago…. They were good, but I think my technique needed a little work, I didn’t prove them long enough before baking, and they didn’t quite increase in size as much as I would have liked. – Note this may also be solved with the sugar issue (see […]

Pom Pom Pom

Over the past month or so I have been working on a little something….. But before we get to that, this is a little post about Pom Pom making, and a few different techniques for doing so. They range from the low tech to the gadget filled. Pom Pom making can be done while watching […]

My weekend in Dublin

Around this time last year, my brother got a spangly new job and he and his girlfriend moved to Ireland. Being the bad sister that I am, up until now we had yet to visit, which is part due to the crazy Ryanair pricing and part hectic hecticness. We arrived late Friday night, spent a […]

A couple of days away….

……….Mr M has been working a silly amount of hours for the past few weeks in the final stages of a project, now it’s delivered, he decided we should have a little break… Enter his favourite place: The Scarlet. It’s a little(ish, only 37 rooms) hotel in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, just along the coast from […]

Just a quick one…

Sorry, normal service will resume shortly. Mr M has been working very silly hours over the last few months, so now that project is over for now we decided to get away for a few days….. midweek….. as I couldn’t get any Fridays off until January! But here is a little picture of my cats. […]

The Quick Share…..

….today we had a little outing. An excursion of fun. Some friends of mine from work and I, along with Mr M, went to Go Ape! in Bracknell and had a play in the forest…. on Segways! Yep. It was awesome. They have some trails in the woods with bumps and hills and curves. To […]