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Pete the Cat Cake

Pete the Cat Cake

Ok, so it seems like my posts are once a year right now. I guess I just haven’t been making anything particularly exciting these days, partially due to a lack of time, and part due to my ongoing wrist problems – Bah! Anyway, I thought I would share this wonderfully easy and tasty cake recipe, […]

Eric Carle, for those with limited artistic skill.

(I am just going to gloss over the long blogging absence, I have been making things, but they haven’t been exciting things and I had kind of lost my mojo) We all know I like to make things, but I don’t class myself as being particularly artistically skilled, and was way out of practice at […]

A quick post about Cake.

Just a little wee post today. I had a little get together for my birthday yesterday, made a couple of quiches, had the obligatory cheese and pineapple on sticks, all that jazz. Mr M fired up the BBQ, so he could stand around it with other men and cook meat. The sun shone, the blue […]

Cakes for girls: Thomas the Tank Engine?

It was my friend Jemma’s birthday yesterday. I sent a message to her boyfriend last week to ask him if he was planning on us making her a cake this year…. he responds… this week (cheers Neil) to say yeah, how about something Thomas related? She LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine… yeah… she’s 29. But […]

A super duper quick birthday cake!

With it being my birthday yesterday, it left little time for baking…. But it’s the birthday of one of our good friends today….. and we were due to go for drinks at 8pm…. I don’t get home from work until 6pm…. I need to bribe people with cake to be my friends….. Ready, set, go! […]

A birthday cake for the Birthday Boy!

Mr M is a LEGO fan. In the May the 4th sale, he treated himself to an Ultimate Collectors Edition Imperial Super Star Destroyer…. Mr M and Brother M hard at work. So, to go with his iPad case, I figured I may as well continue on the theme. I took this piece off the […]

The CraftBaketacular: day 6 making the “In the Night Garden” cake.

Ok, it was time to put the plans into action. Time for putting together the cake! As mentioned in the Haahoo post… I can’t make figures. Thankfully I found these, just the right size for a cake, brightly coloured, and of course can be played with after the event too! The request was for a […]