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Gangster’s Moll.

Woo Fancy Dress! The thought that always goes through my head whenever someone suggests themed Fancy Dress parties. We tend to go all out for them, and mostly make it, or some portion of it. When I was researching dresses in the 20s style, something twigged in the back of my mind, and I realised […]

A Roman Outing.

Time for another bit of fancy dress… This time the theme was Roman…. Togas… Goddesses… And warriors with Mohawk helmets. Clearly…. I wanted a Mohawk helmet. The pattern I used was… McCall’s 2060, making view F: The pattern involved 18 pieces, covering the simple, a cape with drawstring closure, to the complex, the Mohawk helmet […]


As previously stated…. I love fancy dress. I love wearing it, I love making it….. But when notice is given for a theme on the Monday.. before I fly up to Edinburgh on the Friday….. Panicstations.com My friend was sometimes known as Bee growing up (Debbie – Bee, you can see how it works), and […]

Racing Pigeon Costume

Another post of something old, as it is silly o’clock in the morning in Seattle, but my body clock feels that it is time to wake up. Silly jet lag…. I love fancy dress, getting all dressed up as something fun. And another thing I love, along with baking, is crafting. And when it’s crafting […]