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The Gospel according to Gaston.

Ahhhh Time. Something of which I don’t seem to have all that much of lately. I think I used to somehow make better use of my time while we lived in the UK, I had a full-time (+extra) job, crafted, and managed to fit in some exercise, yet at the moment I am struggling to […]

The Summer Quest: Streptococci

Ok, so it’s not quite in line with the aforementioned quest as it is not embroidered, but I figured any crafted organism counts! These little guys are more in line with my cute little crochet Campylobacter, but instead of a twirly rod with flagella, Streptococci are made up of chains of cocci (spherical cells). Streptococci form chains […]

Crochet Campylobacter

My new job really gets in the way of my crafting time. But happily, it has not been work getting in the way over the past couple of weeks, but holidaying! Woo! We went back to England for a visit, and spent a lot of time in a hire car driving over a thousand miles […]

Crochet Cat

It’s a busy busy time! But not all work and no play, this past weekend we went to Santa Cruz, went on some rides, played in the amusement arcade, and built a sandcastle. Winterfell it ain’t. But we did only have one small bucket, and a really flimsy mini spade. However, we manage to win […]

Franken-Indie: My Keilabetto

I wasn’t sure whether this would be submissible for Franken-Indie, technically, I am not actually combining two sewing patterns, more a freebie crochet pattern with sewing instructions, and a freebie sewing pattern. But after consultation with those in charge, it is, and so I made sure to take it out of the work-in-progress-but-being-ignored pile and […]

Crochet One-Skein Wonders: Bellisfaire Beanie

I am trying to use up some of the yarn in my stash. Really, who knows how this stuff builds up! …and for this, I am quite liking the projects from Crochet One-Skein Wonders, like the bag I made the other week. I find crochet really portable for a little project on the go, and a […]

Crochet One-Skein Wonders: My Spiral Mesh Bag

Last week I passed by ASCP Technologist exam in Microbiology. One hurdle down, only another giant one to go. But as a little treat, my lovely Mr M bought me a new toy to play with, and play with it I have: Yep. It’s a Silhouette Cameo. I haven’t done much with it yet so […]

Crochet cushion inspired by Pinterest

A few weeks ago I was looking through things I had pinned on Pinterest, and wanted to start you know…. actually doing something with some of them! This post I pinned because I loved the way the cushion is constructed, and how the colours go together: It is made out of regular granny squares, but […]

A belated post on bibs….

Way back in November I bought a teeny tiny portable sewing machine. The reason? I had found and bought some cute chick print fabric from Hart’s Fabric, and wanted to make some baby bibs for my friend Pat. We had had a little bib making session together with both my pregnant girlies before we moved […]

Embracing California living!

We’ve been really starting to settle in now. We drove out to Santa Cruz on Saturday and spent some time watching the surfing, and looking around the surfing museum. Obligatory Wayfarers on pose by the Ocean: But of course I couldn’t visit Santa Cruz without a visit to Hart Fabrics, so picked up a few […]