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Back to School

It’s true. I did not quit my job to be a unemployed slacker, there was a reason, and the reason is my return to school so I can re-qualify as a laboratory scientist in California! Yeah! I am very excited, but that is of course partly because I am a super nerd who loves school, […]

Scout Scout Scout

I am generally a very casually dressed person. Like tshirt and jeans pretty much 99% of the time. However, I recently had occasion to require something a little smarter (when I say recently, I actually mean over 3 weeks ago, (eagle eyed readers might remember it from this post) but I didn’t get around to […]

On Game Days We Wear Teal……

After many months of eyeing up Sharks fabric at Joann, and then finally buying some…. then it sitting on the shelf…. I took my friend Brooke to her first Sharks game last night, so even only having my comedy portable machine, I decided it was time to make myself a top! (crappy phone picture of […]

Sewing Double: Grainline Scout Tee

My second double this month! After selflessly sewing two Negronis for Mr M, I decided to test out the new pattern I bought the other day and make something for myself! I bought the Scout Tee pattern after attending my first Bay Area Sewists meetup and chatting to one of the other attendees, who recommended […]