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Custom Cat Tags. A belatedly crafted Christmas present for the kitties.

Our cats have been wandering about with quite out of date nametags. They have our old information from the UK on them, and the collars were looking kinda past their best, so I bought them new ones for Christmas………then didn’t do anything with them… Christmas came and went in a whirlwind of…. mainly unpacking, and […]

The Room of Shame: Box tags for organising and sorting.

Our spare room is a source of great shame to me. It’s full of junk and random crafting supplies. When people come to stay I have to try and clear enough room so they can get to the bed, then it just gets messy again. A messy space is just not helpful when it comes […]

Battenberg Earrings

Mr M wasn’t feeling too good today, so while he snoozed, and Brother Marsh snored…… I decided to make stuff. First off I decided to finally embrace making some Polaroid charms/ pendants out of Fimo…. But more on those later…. Then I decided to experiment. First some squared off sausages in yellow (10) and actually […]

Rose earrings that make my earlobes happy.

I find myself increasingly annoyed when browsing pretty earrings. So so often they are made with nasty nickel containing posts and wires, which make my ears very sad indeed. I am like a nickel detector, even when things are plated in silver, still my earlobes weep. This came to a head a few weeks ago […]