Monthly Archives: December 2012

How 2012 was for me.

A year ago today I published my first blog post. Just a simple little Hello. 1 year later, and I this is my 189th post. 45 of them included chocolate. At least 80% of them were probably fueled by chocolate. Or Chocolate Microwave Brownies…. Some major events have happened this year, for us Brits in […]

The post-Christmas post

I don’t know about you, but it had been a hectic time this year. It has been good to see people though, and I have had some splendiferously crafty presents, which has been fabulous! My friend put me together this apron kit: I love how she also included this tag to add to it: Haha! […]

Christmas Gifts: Cheese Stars

This year, Christmas was a little odd. I was working over some of Christmas day, so we went to visit my family the weekend before, and did some present swapping, relatives visiting, and of course some baking. My Mum has been keeping an eye on my crafting and baking goings on via the blog, so […]

A Moose for Moose.

Once again, one of our members of staff is leaving us. It is a particularly sad time, because it’s another one in a long line of people who have left meaning people are thin on the ground and stressed out, and because of her positivity, joyfulness, and general all-round fabulosity. Her nickname is Moose. Because […]

Christmas Gifts: Martha Stewart Heart-Shaped Potholders

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest a little while back, and as I had made an apron for my friend Miss W for her birthday, I decided to make her some matching potholders for christmas! I printed out the template and enlarged it to make the templates for cutting out:   I cut out one […]

Christmas Gifts: Cross stitch kits

Earlier in the year I made my own pattern for a fabulous bacteriological cross stitch kit. When I was planning out christmas presents, I saw some really fun patterns on the weelittlestitches Etsy site. So I bought a few to make into kits as presents… I made up little sets using all the threads…. ………………..material, […]

Christmas Cakes in a hurry!

I confess. I have been very unorganised this year. We didn’t even get around to sending any Christmas cards (sorry everybody) The intention was to make all sorts of homemade goodies for people, mince pies, cakes,……………….. The reality of course is that life got in the way, and I have instead been busy with all […]


…it’s that time of year where most things made are Christmas presents or other super secret crafty projects, so alas there is little to upload. I also have some goofy things in the pipeline, but keep running out of time to do them due to imminent crafty deadlines! Here is my progress on my Christmas […]

Cakes for girls: Thomas the Tank Engine?

It was my friend Jemma’s birthday yesterday. I sent a message to her boyfriend last week to ask him if he was planning on us making her a cake this year…. he responds… this week (cheers Neil) to say yeah, how about something Thomas related? She LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine… yeah… she’s 29. But […]

Pom Pom Garland

The idea was first sparked from seeing this blog post. I love the how colourful the party is…. and I absolutely loved the Pom Pom Garland. One day I am absolutely determined to make a fabulously multicoloured garland, and use up all the random oddments of wool in my stash, but I wanted to make […]