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Crochet Campylobacter

My new job really gets in the way of my crafting time. But happily, it has not been work getting in the way over the past couple of weeks, but holidaying! Woo! We went back to England for a visit, and spent a lot of time in a hire car driving over a thousand miles […]

Mycobacterial Cupcake Toppers.

It almost seems like a waste of an afternoon off, when the rain is pouring down, and it’s super miserable outside. However, we have had excitement today! Part of our laboratory at work has been out of action for about…. 6 months (!) or so, which has been very annoying. Today, the work is finished […]

Cross stitch: The Return of the Superhero/villain!

I thought about it. The MRSA cross stitch was just too cute and nerdtastic to stay unstitched. Well, by me anyway. So I took the design that I made for our Trainee’s leaving present, and made one for myself! First I drew in a cross across the design to find the centre: Then…. well, I […]

Nerdtastic Bacteriological Cross Stitch Kit!

One of our trainees at work was leaving to go back to University for her final year. We always pitch in together to buy a little something between us all as a little leaving gift, but what to get? We were stumped. Then she asked me who taught me to cross stitch, as with the […]