Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tofu Nasi Goreng

I first made this recipe from the aide of a packet of Marinated Tofu pieces, since then we have made it many times, mixing it up (dependent on the contents of the fridge), and it has become a regular fixture Chez Marsh. 5 nights in Whistler = each couple making a meal, and a special […]

An American Ski cake

It is strange to bake in someone else’s kitchen, even more so in a different country with different things. It is never quite as straightforward! —————————————— Your Basic Chocolate Cake Recipe Ingredients: Eggs Self raising flour (or plain flour with baking powder added – no SR in this American abode) Caster sugar Butter Vanilla extract […]

Indoor skydiving

I blame insomnia for this post, I still am struggling to stay asleep, but I thought I would share this with you. Never ever wanting to do an actual skydive out of a plane (scared scared scared of heights/ death/ falling), I (along with all the other people on this merry trip) signed up to […]

Goat’s Cheesecake

My favourite kind of cheesecake is the plain kind, I’m not a massive fan of the ones with the fruity goop on top (although our local cafe puts whole strawberries onto the base and then pours on the top and that’s pretty good.) I was flicking through one of my books and came across this […]

Racing Pigeon Costume

Another post of something old, as it is silly o’clock in the morning in Seattle, but my body clock feels that it is time to wake up. Silly jet lag…. I love fancy dress, getting all dressed up as something fun. And another thing I love, along with baking, is crafting. And when it’s crafting […]

Vegans need birthday cakes too!

We’re off on holiday today, leaving our lovely friends looking after house and cats, and I’m going to be on this train for a wee while so I thought I would share something old…. It is well known amongst my co-workers that I love to bake, love to create, and most of all, love to […]

Individual Lemon Meringue Pies

I love Lemon Meringue Pie. Each time I make it I could also eat up all the lemonyness leftover from making it with a spoon (and often do). A question I often ask myself is why is everything better when it’s smaller? I love to make individual Bakewell Tarts: Individual cakes have conquered the world: […]