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Apricot and Ginger Upside-down Cake

I am a collector. A collector of souvenirs. Some of my souvenirs are small, like fridge magnets and those little snowglobes, but I also collect recipe books. A whole load of recipe books. I have the more practical recipe books, like my beloved Delia, but my souvenir books tend to be a little on the […]

Apricot and Almond Tarts.

……..or, how I just had to make pastry in order to try out my new toy! When my Mum visited in January, they had brought with them their paper from the plane. Inside the paper was one of those Lakeland catalogue leaflets that you get inside magazines…… *DANGER!* I find it very difficult to resist […]

Simple Apricot and White Chocolate Tarts

I go to an exercise class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. 07:30. Before work. I know. Some might say I’m crazy, but for me, it fits in really well to my routine: I get up, throw on some clothes, scurry to the train station, catch the train across to Clifton (or sometimes I manage […]

Preparing for hobnob day… Mammoth Hobnob baking, and a new variation.

It’s International Homemade Hobnob Celebration day tomorrow, and plans are afoot for a handout of free hobnobs to the people of bristol. Free handouts require many hobnobs… Butter, syrup and water… added to… Oats, flour, sugar and bicarbonate of soda….. Spoonfuls flattened on a tray…. = many tiers of hobnobs cooling…. However, I also decided […]