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Nerd Crafts: Erythrocyte (Red Blood Cell) Earrings

I know. I disappeared into an abyss. (Otherwise known as having two lots of visitors, resuming school, and general life.) I have been working on a little cross stitch that is almost complete, and Mr M and I signed up for another pottery class (slip decoration and some more wheel work – we need more […]

Stashbusting some slightly OTT Earrings

This morning I woke up with the urge to make Pom Poms. So I did. It is a nice fun little activity that is easy to do while catching up on my trashy tv programmes. NB. I used my Clover Pom Pom Makers, but if you look at this post, I put in a few […]

Gram stain earrings.

Last week was my first week at the new job. As a little bit of gentle morale support to myself, I wore my watch that my previous co-workers had given me as a leaving present (it’s lush, it makes my wrist smell like wood), and my mycobacteria earrings to allow my inner nerd to shine […]

Mycobacteria Ear Studs

I don’t get that easily annoyed by things, but sometimes, even I can’t help myself. I get mildly irritated by not being able to wear fun, cheap earrings in crazy designs (other than for short durations when dressing up in costume) due to my nickel allergy, but what really tips me over the edge into […]

Battenberg Earrings

Mr M wasn’t feeling too good today, so while he snoozed, and Brother Marsh snored…… I decided to make stuff. First off I decided to finally embrace making some Polaroid charms/ pendants out of Fimo…. But more on those later…. Then I decided to experiment. First some squared off sausages in yellow (10) and actually […]