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Vegetables and Cheesy “Biscuits”

So… Happy Thanksgiving! Now I live over here I guess I need to embrace these things, We’re planning a Facetime date watching the parade with our friend Ashlei, and I made some croissants! It’s the simple Edd Kimber version of Croissant dough like I used for the Cronuts, and I made them for the first […]

For my “Tweetheart”

The first very Valentines Day that my husband and I were together, I was just about recovering after having been in bed for over a week with Glandular fever. Unpleasant. I had looked like a swamp monster with squinty puffy eyes, and couldn’t stay awake for more than 5 minutes….. and we had only been […]

Stamped Shortbread.

Souvenirs I purchase on holiday fall into two categories, a) tat, such as magnets, snowglobes, and other high quality merchandise, and B) tat with more practical applications, local recipe books, aprons, gadgets…. While we were away in San Diego,we went here, and I came away with a Swedish recipe book, and a Rycraft Heirloom Cookie […]

Peanut Butter/ Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.

I do not like Peanuts. I do not like Peanut Butter. But apparently it’s selfish to only make things I like, so having found this recipe online a while ago, someone at work requested I give it a go….. ———————————————————————————————————————– Chocolate Candy Cookies Recipe – taken from Bakerella.com Ingredients 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour […]

Holiday baking… Nanaimo Bars

On our return from holidays, when it’s our birthday, or if we’re leaving,….. any other occasion, we are required to bring in tasty treats to work for everyone else. From holidays, generally the idea is to bring in things from the holiday destination, however, sometimes the baggage allowance means that this just isn’t all that […]

Marshmallow Teacakes

Who loves Teacakes? I know I do, but what if instead of the firm set marshmallow of the Tunnocks Teacake, it contains the fluffy gooey marshmallow of Snowballs? Oh and was homemade, which obviously trumps all. —————————————————————————————- Marshmallow Teacakes Recipe – taken from British Baking by Peyton and Byrne Ingredients: Biscuit base: 110g plain flour […]

Sausage Dogs and Munchtaches.

I love making biscuits. If the biscuits are cute… even better. The first time I made this recipe, it was for a friend’s birthday. She isn’t a big cake fan, but she does like biscuits…. and Sausage Dogs. It was her 30th birthday too… so that deserves 30 little fellas all looking their best! P.S […]

Hobnobs are a happy thing.

Anyone that attends any event I host or go to will know that there is a high chance that hobnobs will be present. The lovely Steph from theloveofit.co.uk made them first, gave me the recipe, and then created International Homemade Hobnob Celebration Day in their honour. (7th of January this year hobnob fans!) The recipe […]