Monthly Archives: March 2014

An inverted pleat sorbetto to make Patrick and May proud!

So, the other week I made an inverted pleat sorbetto. It was lovely. I even made my own binding and sewed it to the inside to finish the edges off all nicely….. but then realised….. perhaps I should have continued the pattern across the pleat….. Oooops. I maintain that the pattern doesn’t necessarily repeat, because […]

Happy Pi(e) Day!

I made some┬áHomity Pie again, using the recipe from Pieminister . I miss you Mothership Tuesdays! Oooooh check it! I made the edges all fancy and everything! …and then I made mini ones from the leftover pastry and filling using my new toy from Lakeland. Yum! (also a Lemon Meringue Pi(e), because it is my […]

Mushroom and Rosemary Risotto

I’m going to level with you. I don’t really like Mushroom risotto. Or at least, I don’t usually like Mushroom risotto. It is just too…… Mushroomy. But I had some lurking in the refrigerator and fancied some risotto, so gave it a whirl. The addition of the rosemary lifts it from being just another mushroom […]

The Great Sourdough Experiment.

I love sourdough. This little experiment came about because of two things. Number 1: I had to leave my sourdough starter behind in the UK. The US are pretty strict on what you can bring into the country, no fruits or veggies, etc. and so sourdough cultures are pretty much a no. Number 2: It […]

Cross stitch: Balloons over Clifton Suspension Bridge

This is a project that has been on the go since we moved. Seriously. My friend Rachael bought me it as a birthday present last year, intended to keep me occupied while unemployed. It is available here. Although for the past couple of months it has been sat in the corner thinking about what it […]

Coconut, Ginger, and Banana Pancakes.

Happy Pancake Day! …or Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, or whatever you call it. This day last year, we had everyone round to our house and whipped up a whole load of pancakes for everyone, in our annual Pancake Day Pancakeathon. This year is slightly different, as we don’t have oodles of people to […]

Apricot and Almond Tarts.

……..or, how I just had to make pastry in order to try out my new toy! When my Mum visited in January, they had brought with them their paper from the plane. Inside the paper was one of those Lakeland catalogue leaflets that you get inside magazines…… *DANGER!* I find it very difficult to resist […]