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Chocolate and Cherry (Madeira) Cake

Last night saw the return of the Great British Bake Off! Hurrah! Double Entendre Bingo, Mel and Sue stealing ingredients, and lots and lots of eating! We celebrated in our house by watching it along with some cake, it was cake week after all, and also eating what Brian promised was going to be a […]

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

We are just coming to the end of my first Medical Laboratory Professionals Week! There is a National Pathology Week in the UK, but it is never really done anything about, at least not in any of the labs that I had worked in, so it was nice to embrace my (not so) inner nerd […]

Now…. I am a big fan of books…….

… and if I can get free books in response for posting a review? Well, I should probably give that a try. Yup, in a move that makes Mr M (and my already overloaded bookshelves) groan, I have signed up to Blogging for Books. I found it through an Amazon review that said that they […]


Hmmm I’m not sure what happened there. Well actually that is a lie. I do. It is called working full-time, having a parade of visitors staying with us from the UK, and spending a weekend freezing our little bits and pieces in Yosemite. I am inside a double sleeping bag with two blankets. Still cold. […]

How 2013 was for me.

EEEK! So, following on from last year’s post, it has now been 2 years since my first blog post. Steady on. Here are some stats for you: This year I published 121 blog posts, slightly less than last year, and only 28 of them included chocolate. Poor show. Must include more chocolate. The biggest event […]

We got our stuff!

This weekend we went out for brunch, then I took Mr M on his very first California hike (he had surgery on his knee a few months ago) at Almaden Quicksilver County Park: Then on Sunday we took a drive up to Daly City to the Dickens Christmas Fair. FUN! Although I so wished I […]

Pictures from my phone.

This week is not a good week for me and technology. I dropped my phone, it is now making some very sad noises but is thankfully still working as my laptop is no longer! We had linked it up to the TV so that we could watch Netflix on the bigger screen and it messed […]

Small steps…

… towards sorting things out. Yesterday we set aside as a day to do not a lot. We didn’t plan to visit the bank, social security… any of that stuff. Yesterday, was set aside because these little furry lovelies were arriving: Yey pussycats! We wanted to spend the day settling them in and make sure […]

Bear with me…….

It is happened! We have moved and are now living in San Jose, CA! I am therefore parted from a whole lot of my stuff for a while, so shall be limited to making things that don’t require a whole lot of equipment. I shall however most likely have a whole lot more time on […]


Originally posted on Rivka and Ivory:
I have to confess that I was a little surprised to read about the massive divide between foodies over the Great British Bake-Off. I adore the show for the recipes and ideas and the sometimes hilarious contestants. I was even more surprised to read about the vitriol and name…