Monthly Archives: December 2014

Waffled Leftovers. With added Cheese.

Well hello! For Christmas this year, this lucky little lady got a shiny new waffle iron. Yup. I had been eyeballing up waffle irons for months after having been indulging in ogling some food porn of various waffled items, mainly inspired by the blog at¬† This morning Mr M made me sweet waffles for breakfast […]

My Borderline Inappropriate Christmas Dress

You guys! It is only blimmin’ Christmas! And quite importantly, I only have one more module of Physics and an exam to get through, and then I am freeeeeeee! Until going back to school (hopefully) in the Summer. Anyhow, while work commitments, distance, and a general lack of organisation have prevented me from writing Christmas […]

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

Last year we didn’t really embrace the holiday period as our belongings didn’t arrive until the 23rd, and we could only feel so much festiveness while living in a rented apartment. Sad times. Poor show. And this year? Well I have been slacking.¬†Slacking in that I have done very little thus far to prepare. Hardly […]