Monthly Archives: December 2013

How 2013 was for me.

EEEK! So, following on from last year’s post, it has now been 2 years since my first blog post. Steady on. Here are some stats for you: This year I published 121 blog posts, slightly less than last year, and only 28 of them included chocolate. Poor show. Must include more chocolate. The biggest event […]

Post Christmas: Coconut Sorbet.

All over for another year. So didya have fun? Didya spend some time with your friends and family? We did. Although it was over the internet rather than in person. Alas. Christmas dinner this year was just the two of us, but although it was just the two of us, it didn’t mean that we […]

We got our stuff!

This weekend we went out for brunch, then I took Mr M on his very first California hike (he had surgery on his knee a few months ago) at Almaden Quicksilver County Park: Then on Sunday we took a drive up to Daly City to the Dickens Christmas Fair. FUN! Although I so wished I […]

Holiday Pyjamas.

Ever since I saw the post on Did You Make That?¬†about her Christmas PJs. I wanted some new PJs! I wanted to make some new PJs. I was very envious and in want of her material, but alas, not really available. I had no space to make such things in the old place, I also […]

A belated post on bibs….

Way back in November I bought a teeny tiny portable sewing machine. The reason? I had found and bought some cute chick print fabric from Hart’s Fabric, and wanted to make some baby bibs for my friend Pat. We had had a little bib making session together with both my pregnant girlies before we moved […]

A matching horseshoe cable cowl.

Monday was new keys day! Super¬† Exciting! When we get our stuff, that will be even more exciting, but this is exciting nonetheless. Our container has cleared customs #Yeah Customs! #Younailedit! But……………… is now awaiting a delivery slot so we can get it picked up from Oakland, and delivered to our new place……. Bah! Anyhow, […]

Christmas Cake and a Cozy Hat – another finished WIP.

I went for a hike last week, and the weather had turned “California Cold”. I didn’t even own any gloves. Let alone a hat. For the most part of the hike, I didn’t even need my coat. Hiking uphill will do that to you. But once we got to the top? Man it was chilly! […]

Sharky Wristwarmers – an actual finished WIP!

When our friends first booked to come to visit in February, we were still working together, and the one request Colin had was that we go see some sort of sports game. He didn’t really mind what, but not “Soccer” (I am afraid I will still call it football FOREVER), so we looked up the […]

Bicycle Clutch

This little lovely I finished way back before we moved, wrapped it up, and left it with my friend Jemma for her birthday. Scarily organised of me I know. It’s her 30th birthday after all, and while I am no longer present to make her a cake (poor show), I did put in the effort […]

Chocolate, Raisin, and Cinnamon Bread.

Yep. Another bread recipe. I can’t help it. I don’t trust this oven much with anything else, although I may have to bite the bullet and make my Christmas cake as time is really ticking away now! I was sort of hoping to wait until we move, as the new place has an electric oven, […]