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Christmas Gifts: Cross stitch kits

Earlier in the year I made my own pattern for a fabulous bacteriological cross stitch kit. When I was planning out christmas presents, I saw some really fun patterns on the weelittlestitches Etsy site. So I bought a few to make into kits as presents… I made up little sets using all the threads…. ………………..material, […]


…it’s that time of year where most things made are Christmas presents or other super secret crafty projects, so alas there is little to upload. I also have some goofy things in the pipeline, but keep running out of time to do them due to imminent crafty deadlines! Here is my progress on my Christmas […]

Cross-stitching a flag: updated 15.04.2012

I wanted to do another little cross stitch project, and with the Jubilee coming up, I was feeling extra British… So I drew out the Union Jack flag on some squared paper… Cut a piece of 22 count fabric… edged and with the centre lines sewn on… I first started with one quadrant, and the […]

Cross stitcher in training… update

So last time I posted, the training cross stitch looked like this: ….because, I had ran out of thread in order to finish it! £3.48 and a little bit of time later…. …and I had finished the stitching, and dissolved the soluble canvas… (icky stuff, but probably less fiddly than waste canvas?) Then cut out […]

Cross stitcher in training.

I think the last time I did any cross stitch, or pretty much any embroidery, was about 15 years ago. It was a box of butterflies. I think my mum still has it. But I saw a pattern I liked. It was pretty, it was cute, and it was Royal kitsch. It was however a […]