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Grainline Studio’s Tiny Pocket Tank.

Our visitors are gone, off to San Francisco, and my spare room is back to being a den of crafting. I am starting to accept the change in weather. This certainly isn’t Britain, and as I went for a walk yesterday in shorts and a vest top and it is JANUARY, I figured I needed […]

Lemon and Ginger Baked Doughnuts.

I was starting to worry that my brain was atrophying from lack of use. It’s been a month today since my last day at work, and since then I haven’t really done anything science related, and I worry that I will forget it all! Thankfully, as part of the welcome package our relocation agency gave […]

Grandma K’s Lemon Cheese

Whether you call it Lemon Cheese or Lemon Curd I think really boils down to preference. I usually refer to that stuff you buy in the supermarket as Lemon Curd, the homemade high quality stuff is Lemon Cheese, in my family anyway, and I love it! I spent the morning at work, not very exciting. […]

Ginger Doughnuts

I’ve been dying to make doughnuts for weeks now. I thought this weekend would be the weekend… but it almost wasn’t. I bought a couple of books the other week, one of which was the Top Pot book, as we had some of their doughnuts while visiting our friend in Seattle, I settled on a […]