Monthly Archives: April 2012

Baking with Herman: take 3 – Almond, Apple, and Blackberry.

I actually gave away some Herman this time around, and made two carrot cakes (from the previous Herman post) as they were amazingly tasty, I upped the ground ginger in the second one and it came out lovely and fiery. I did then realise that my next bake day was this weekend, when I had […]

New Baby Crafts: Springtime Name Sampler

You know that saying, something about you can’t pick your relatives? Well, if I could, I would pick my cousins, over and over again. They are super awesome. Adam and his wife just had their second baby. For baby number 1, I made some bunting, embroidered and embellished with his name, date and time of […]

Spicy Vegetable and Quinoa Laksa

Another lazy person dish, when you don’t want to cook something too involved, or don’t have time to go to the supermarket. It once again uses the good old frozen mixed vegetables, if you were super keen then of course fresh would be ace, and any combination is just dandy. It also comes from a […]

Apricot Muesli Flapjack

A while ago, when I made hobnobs for hobnob day, I made a seedy, apricot-y variation, inspired by one of my favourite flapjack recipes. As I sat on my peasant wagon (bus) home, I had the urge to make some again……. possibly due to the fact that I was hungry and stuck on a bus. […]

Homity Pie – Pieminister style

Another book that has been languishing on my bookshelves for a while, is the book of that beloved Bristol institution… Pieminister. It is a happy Friday when it is a Pie-day, and with the Stokes Croft shop being within walking distance of the hospital…… So I decided that this weekend was the weekend to change […]

Simplicity 3833: View D

You know how I love costumes? Well I also love the 60s……… music, clothes…… What was not to love? There a whole range of retro patterns out there, this is from Simplicity 3833 This is a dress that really brings to mind Twiggy in the 60s, monochrome with contrast top stitching to the black… it’s […]

Baking with Herman: Take 2 – 3 variations on Herman

Over the past week or so, while I have been stirring and feeding Herman ready for the next split, I have often felt my mind wander to what could I try next? What could work? What would I like? Yesterday was Herman split day…. So today is Herman bake day. I decided on making a […]

Cross-stitching a flag: updated 15.04.2012

I wanted to do another little cross stitch project, and with the Jubilee coming up, I was feeling extra British… So I drew out the Union Jack flag on some squared paper… Cut a piece of 22 count fabric… edged and with the centre lines sewn on… I first started with one quadrant, and the […]

Gingerbread Cupcakes

—————————————————————————————————— It is well known that I love to bake, and some things I make are more popular than others. Some things, can in fact, be used as bribery….. or incentive to get things done! One of those things is Custard tarts….. …after I made them the first time,  our IT guy couldn’t stop raving […]

Embracing the sewing machine: Simplicity 3835 (View C)

I have a bad habit. It is buying books, patterns, all sorts of things, for cuteness value. The good intention is there to make something…. But it never seems to happen. So I got out some patterns and had a flick through for things I would like to make, having also bought some pretty fabrics […]