Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cheesey Vegetable Pie

Some of the gifts on my wishlist for Christmas were some Alan Silverwood pans. They are great, really easy to clean (but NOT Dishwasher safe), and really non-stick. One of them was a 4in Pork Pie tin, which I hadn’t used yet. Time to rectify that: Cheesey Vegetable Pie Recipe (Modified from Paul Hollywood’s Hand-raised […]

Chocolate and Lime Meringue Pie

I re-discovered my jar of Sherbert Lemons this week. I bought them from the Warner Bros Studio Tour in May(!) and they have been sat in the spare room, forgotten and abandoned. Thankfully, the poor weather means they didn’t get too sticky, and so I have now almost finished them off! But they got me […]

Baking day: Coconut and Ginger Hobnobs and Ginger Cake!

Bad On Call shift = Day off work! Woo! After doing a bit of marking when I got home at 5AM (one of my co-workers is being assessed next week, so I have been assisting our training officer in marking off the evidence and questions), I finished watching the last few episodes of Numb3rs (now […]

Anjum Anand’s Paneer Koftas and Shiitake Mushroom Curry

So, on Friday I posted about making Paneer, but then said nothing else about it. Well, yesterday was busy. I spent quite a lot of the day preparing for having people round for dinner, I made some Naan breads: ……they were good, should have had 6 of them, but alas we had a little whoopsie […]

Weekend Brunch: Coconut French Toast with Homemade Brioche

Weekends deserve an indulgent breakfast. Especially when you’re not working. One of the recipes that caught my eye in Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast was a variation on a classic. Had to be made. Although, just as when we went to the shop on Friday night, there wasn’t any Paneer to be had, there also wasn’t […]

Crochet square coasters.

So, you learn a new skill. Then you’ve got to practice. In my new book, 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match by Jan Eaton, there’s a totally amazing looking quilt. But involves some pretty complicated looking squares, so I thought I would start off just with some simple standard plain […]

Easy Cheese: Making Paneer the Anjum Anand way.

This is what happens when you decide you’re going to make all sorts of fun things, but then it snows and you really can’t be bothered to go to the big supermarket where they would actually sell you Paneer, so you decide to make it yourself. The true blame for this escapade lies first with […]