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Mr Kingfisher: Alcedo atthis, and a little trip away.

Another little pretty stitched from the series of birds I get with my digital edition of CrossStitcher Magazine! This month it was time for a little Kingfisher, I had half the colours already, but had to pop out to the shops for the rest: Love him! While I was at Michael’s, I also picked up […]

Exciting book news, an interview with Miss South, and some (almost) Trinidadian Banana Bread.

Nope, not mine, but a new recipe book I was involved in testing a couple of recipes for way back when, is now finally out in print! (Or actually, was out in print on the 22nd May, but I had to wait for mine to cross oceans and continents to get to me đŸ™‚ ) […]

We got our stuff!

This weekend we went out for brunch, then I took Mr M on his very first California hike (he had surgery on his knee a few months ago) at Almaden Quicksilver County Park: Then on Sunday we took a drive up to Daly City to the Dickens Christmas Fair. FUN! Although I so wished I […]

A Birthday trip to London

So, this week was my birthday…. One of my presents off Mr M was this new toy for my camera: But also, Mr M took me to London for a couple of days. On the train. I love travelling by train! I guess this is partly because I have never had to commute by train, […]

Busy week!

You might have imagined from my lack of posting that I have been not doing a lot. That would be incorrect. It has been a very busy week indeed! The Rhubarb cordial I made at the beginning of the week formed part of a little breaktime treat on Tuesday. As we are now civil servants, there is […]

I have a new toy!

Squeeeee! The excitement! Mr M bought me a present: I took about half an hour to thread it the first time…… it was somewhat confusing. But I like that the thread channels are coloured and numbered, so now I have done it once I think it will be much easier, The most confusing part was […]

Our long weekend in Portland.

We had been to Portland before, a couple of years ago we flew to San Francisco and drove to Seattle via Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and a few other places, spending a couple of nights in Portland. I can remember love love LOVING it, but then sometimes the mind can play tricks….. Maybe it wasn’t as […]

I’m in Portland.

That is all. As you were. I am off to go decide which awesome foodstuffs I’m going to stick in my face first. I don’t even mind that I must now wear a coat, after days of SoCal tshirt wearing mildness. Don’t wait up.


Today…. it is Pancake Day. Or technically, Shrove Tuesday. A day where it is pretty much necessary to eat pancakes until you feel a bit sick. My standard recipe is Delia’s: Basic Pancake Batter Recipe – taken from Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course Ingredients 110g/4oz plain flour a pinch of salt 2 large eggs 200ml/7floz […]

Hobnob day: Chocolate and Ginger, Cinnamon and Raisin, and Seedy Vegan.

It’s International Homemade Hobnob Celebration day! I spent the majority of the morning in bed reading my Kindle. The benefit (and indeed, the drawback) of the Kindle, is that when you finish one book in a series… you can just download the next one… until you run out of books of course. Eventually however, I […]