Monthly Archives: May 2013

Summertime Drinking: Rhubarb Cordial

I love a light refreshing drink on a summery day. Or, one of the few days of the year when the sun shines and the sky is blue and all is lovely in the world. Which does occasionally happen. Even in England. My all time favourite is Elderflower cordial, Mr M and I like to […]

Ginger and Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Ok, I admit it. This is a bit of a cheat, and just a variation of the Chocolate Cherry Brownies I made the other week. But, a) they were awesome, b) I didn’t have any dried cherries, and c)….. we were having a bake sale at work again and I fancied making them again. Oh […]

A quick DIY for Yoga: Yoga mat towel.

This weekend our boiler broke. Just after Mr M went away for a business trip. Him being all manly, he doesn’t seem to trust my estimation, I suspect he thinks that if he pushes a button it will magically fix itself, so wants to see it for himself before we call someone out to fix […]

An Ode to my Perfect Jeans.

The elusive Perfect Pair of Jeans. So difficult to find, so personal and so precious. Once found, of course they should be bought in multiples of… 10 or so? These are just such a pair, well worn and well loved: I like them because they fit reasonably tightly around the waist, fitted enough to flatter, […]

Knitted Breast.

I love my family. We’re arranging a little family get together in a couple of months time, partially for my 30th birthday (eep!), and partially because we really like each other and don’t see each other enough! My cousin’s wife rang me about it the other day…..Only in my family would the conversation then go […]

DIY Laundry bin liner. For when your existing liner just doesn’t cut it.

Can you tell I had a bit of a sewing day yesterday? Well, ever since we bought our laundry bin, which is pretty much as long as we’ve lived here (5 years), the liner has been totally useless. Generally if a laundry bin has a liner, it should fit, and not pop off each time […]

A load of Pants……..

By pants… I of course mean the English version. Knickers. Panties. Underwear. Briefs. Whatever you want to call them. No trousers here. I made some practice Madeleine bloomers last week, and then found another free pattern online so decided to go a bit crazy and make a whole load of pants! Oh and I decided […]

Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Sometimes you crave chocolate. Or something more specific. Chocolate Brownies. I have tried a few recipes over the years, Ben and Jerry’s, random ones involving the use of golden syrup cake, I actually even have quite the soft spot for those Green’s box mixes (shhhh though, it’s a secret!) This one however, is the best. […]

Baby bibs.

It’s been a fun few days! A very good friend of mine from way back when (Good old Acklam Whin Primary School) got married yesterday, it was a lovely wedding and so good to see lots of my friends from back home that I get to see far too infrequently for my liking! It was […]