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Happy Birthday Mouse!

It’s been a while, but I decided to return to my Knitted Mouse. It is the birthday of little lady in question this week, so I thought I would make a new outfit. Pattern wise, I used the standard pattern from the Ultimate Book of Baby Knits as before, but worked it in mainly in […]

Continuing the Kindle case…

….the time had come to finish off bits and pieces. You know, those things that you start, but don’t quite finish? When we made the Kindle cases a few weeks ago using wet felting around a bubblewrap resist, the intention was to embellish and decorate them. After about a week (yes, I know! A week!), […]

Mr M’s iPad Case

I get carried away sometimes. I get too excited, I like to give presents, in fact so much that often I give things for no apparent reason, or give birthday presents early just because I am overexcited, or they have had a bad day…. or it’s Tuesday…. The upshot of this is that I had […]

My first foray into Needle Felting.

After last week’s CraftBaketacular, I fancied doing some more felting, and have a little project in mind…. But I thought I would have a little play first. However, for this, I need equipment…. Wet felting is easy, requiring bubble wrap (yep, always have random bits about the house), sushi roll mats (£1.48 each from Tesco), […]