Monthly Archives: February 2012

Expanding the Mouse’s Wardrobe

So… I only brought 3 books with me. Not a lot to sustain a Lindsay for a week, so in amongst visits to Water Parks I had to amuse myself with other things on my rest days. So, just before I came away I finished my mouse: But then of course, this mouse is naked…. […]

Knitted Mouse

A lovely friend of mine had a baby. Around this time, I also learnt to knit, starting off with the simple things… like Innocent Smoothie hats… Then getting more adventurous… Until I then got really overexcited… But they were all just variations on a very simple pattern, and easy and fun to do. Posting pictures […]

Birthday Bakewell.

I have been suffering a lack of time this week. Alas. I hate weeks like that. I have been working on my little knitted item (started at the tea, cake, and craft party), the main part is complete and I am now working on the wardrobe. Post to follow when I have finished fiddling with […]

Stamped Shortbread.

Souvenirs I purchase on holiday fall into two categories, a) tat, such as magnets, snowglobes, and other high quality merchandise, and B) tat with more practical applications, local recipe books, aprons, gadgets…. While we were away in San Diego,we went here, and I came away with a Swedish recipe book, and a Rycraft Heirloom Cookie […]

Tea, Cake, and Craft day.

Today is an exciting day. It is not often you get to go craft for an afternoon, natter, and generally eat scrummy things, but today is one of those days! I am part of the Angry Knitters, which actually encompasses more than just knitting, indeed all manner of crafts can be done, although a lack […]

Peanut Butter/ Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.

I do not like Peanuts. I do not like Peanut Butter. But apparently it’s selfish to only make things I like, so having found this recipe online a while ago, someone at work requested I give it a go….. ———————————————————————————————————————– Chocolate Candy Cookies Recipe – taken from Ingredients 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour […]

Holiday baking… Nanaimo Bars

On our return from holidays, when it’s our birthday, or if we’re leaving,….. any other occasion, we are required to bring in tasty treats to work for everyone else. From holidays, generally the idea is to bring in things from the holiday destination, however, sometimes the baggage allowance means that this just isn’t all that […]

What to do with 10 egg whites? Let’s have our fourth attempt at Macarons!

As mentioned, I have tried these before… A couple of times in fact, each time they sort of resembled Nipples. Seriously: So having lots of leftover egg whites from custard tart making, the time was right for a fresh attempt! This post also marks the first appearance of my lovely Mr M, or at least […]

Custard tarts… two ways.

It’s Portugal vs. England…. A few weeks ago I had a sudden craving for a custard tart……………………. Not any old uniform, mass produced offering, seen in the chilled section of the supermarket, but a proper pastéis de nata, a caramelised egg custard in a puff pastry case. I did in fact find one at the […]


As previously stated…. I love fancy dress. I love wearing it, I love making it….. But when notice is given for a theme on the Monday.. before I fly up to Edinburgh on the Friday….. My friend was sometimes known as Bee growing up (Debbie – Bee, you can see how it works), and […]