Monthly Archives: April 2015

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

We are just coming to the end of my first Medical Laboratory Professionals Week! There is a National Pathology Week in the UK, but it is never really done anything about, at least not in any of the labs that I had worked in, so it was nice to embrace my (not so) inner nerd […]

Starfish Earrings

Or…… just how big is too big? We have had a visitor from England with us the last week or so, and this past weekend took a trip to Yosemite…. Yep. It was quite glorious. I bought a cute pair of turquoise earrings from the Ansel Adams Gallery, which kind of made me want to […]

Book Review: Cookie Love by Mindy Segal

I must have at least 50 (ok ok…. maybe more like 100) baking books on my bookshelves, but somehow I always feel like I need more. For my latest selection from Blogging for Books I decided to go for this one: I do love a cookie. Or as I would call them, a “biscuit”, because […]

Comox Trunks…

…or where I finally start making Mr M the Comox Trunks intended as a Christmas Present. Yup. I bought him the Comox Trunks kit for Christmas, but it is now April and I had yet to make him them! These were the first try, not made with the supplies in the kit, but with some […]