Monthly Archives: March 2013

Post Holiday Recuperation.

We got back on Wednesday afternoon. The first day/night was fine, the next night I made the mistake of snoozing on the sofa while watching tv….. then couldn’t sleep. Boo. For the last part of the trip we spent a couple of weeks in Seattle visiting a friend of ours, with a long weekend spent […]

Holiday: time for a new hobby.

Or maybe not a new hobby, but a new variation on an old one. The Lazy Crafter has been working away on trying to master Tunisian Crochet, and after seeing all her pins on the subject, and a challenge laid down on Facebook (which we all know is legally binding), I decided to try and […]

Bag embellishment.

I finished my bag kit just after we got to San Diego, but it felt like it was missing a little something. Limited internet in SD meant limited opportunity to scour for a pattern. Limited time to craft in Portland meant I didn’t look there either. Now I’m relaxing it up in Seattle…. time to […]

Our long weekend in Portland.

We had been to Portland before, a couple of years ago we flew to San Francisco and drove to Seattle via Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and a few other places, spending a couple of nights in Portland. I can remember love love LOVING it, but then sometimes the mind can play tricks….. Maybe it wasn’t as […]

Crochet iPod Case

Now we’re in Seattle, it’s time to rest and relax. I hit up a couple of craft stores for some pretty yarn and some other bits and pieces, and decided to make something to replace my iPod case, which is unfortunately looking a bit sad and forlorn and …………….ruffled. Homemade felt suffers from pilling a […]

Mother’s Day cards

This is a little something I finished off before we went away. I decided to make our Mother’s day cards this year, starting off with just a simple stitched ‘Mum’, then embellishing with a little extra. For one, I took inspiration from an old blackwork pattern in an issue of CrossStitcher magazine: To make it […]

I’m in Portland.

That is all. As you were. I am off to go decide which awesome foodstuffs I’m going to stick in my face first. I don’t even mind that I must now wear a coat, after days of SoCal tshirt wearing mildness. Don’t wait up.

I’ve been crafting!

As a little treat to myself while I was in Hobbycraft the other week (with a 25% off voucher….. Thank you very much!) I bought a crochet kit to occupy my time on the flight over here. It uses Zpagetti: ……..a strange sort of yarn, that isn’t in fact a traditional yarn at all, but […]