Monthly Archives: November 2014


Hmmm I’m not sure what happened there. Well actually that is a lie. I do. It is called working full-time, having a parade of visitors staying with us from the UK, and spending a weekend freezing our little bits and pieces in Yosemite. I am inside a double sleeping bag with two blankets. Still cold. […]

Fiery Cinder Toffee (with Chocolate and Ginger Cupcakes)

Today I contemplated the purchase of some sparklers. A little bit of low key fireworks to celebrate the 5th. However, the only place in Santa Clara County that you can buy fireworks is in Gilroy….. So I decided to do a bit of alternative celebration by making some delicious cinder toffee. Fiery Cinder Toffee Recipe […]

Scientific Scrubs

I have been hankering after some nice comfy tops to wear to work. A couple of the people who are training in our lab right now are from another lab, and wear scrubs to work…. Maybe I don’t want proper scrubs, but some scrubs inspired by my Souvenir Alcatraz top? Yeah! I took a pattern […]