Monthly Archives: October 2013

Small steps…

… towards sorting things out. Yesterday we set aside as a day to do not a lot. We didn’t plan to visit the bank, social security… any of that stuff. Yesterday, was set aside because these little furry lovelies were arriving: Yey pussycats! We wanted to spend the day settling them in and make sure […]

Bear with me…….

It is happened! We have moved and are now living in San Jose, CA! I am therefore parted from a whole lot of my stuff for a while, so shall be limited to making things that don’t require a whole lot of equipment. I shall however most likely have a whole lot more time on […]


Originally posted on Rivka and Ivory:
I have to confess that I was a little surprised to read about the massive divide between foodies over the Great British Bake-Off. I adore the show for the recipes and ideas and the sometimes hilarious contestants. I was even more surprised to read about the vitriol and name…

“Cronut” making and farewell…..

… tonight was the last time we were going to see our friend Neil (until they come visit sometime next year). Sad times. So, I wondered about surprising him by making some Croissant dough, as the next challenge that he wanted to try to make (after the previous one of fondant fancies) was “Cronuts” NB. I […]

Packing and Truffles

It’s really getting close to moving day now, I have emptied my jars of stuff into bags and cleaned all my kitchen jars: Haha! Good luck with those moving minions! I have also been using up some more of the ingredients from the kitchen, in this case a tin of condensed milk and a load […]

Coconut Hobnobs

It has been a hella busy week! I spent most of this week at home, catching up with friends, and taking a little trip to Redcar beach for the wonder that is a Lemon Top! Seriously, these things are really good! But, alas I couldn’t stay up there forever, and had to get back to […]

What I wore….

A busy weekend! Saturday was my friends Mark and Cian’s Civil Partnership, a fabulous day with, of course, a Kylie and choreographed first dance and a Rainbow Cake like I made for my birthday a couple of years ago (along with a carrot and a chocolate one) for the wedding cake! Then….. well My Mum […]