Monthly Archives: October 2013

Small steps…

… towards sorting things out. Yesterday we set aside as a day to do not a lot. We didn’t plan to visit the bank, social security… any of that stuff. Yesterday, was set aside because these little furry lovelies were arriving: Yey pussycats! We wanted to spend the day settling them in and make sure […]

Bear with me…….

It is happened! We have moved and are now living in San Jose, CA! I am therefore parted from a whole lot of my stuff for a while, so shall be limited to making things that don’t require a whole lot of equipment. I shall however most likely have a whole lot more time on […]


Originally posted on Rivka and Ivory:
I have to confess that I was a little surprised to read about the massive divide between foodies over the Great British Bake-Off. I adore the show for the recipes and ideas and the sometimes hilarious contestants. I was even more surprised to read about the vitriol and name…

“Cronut” making and farewell…..

… tonight was the last time we were going to see our friend Neil (until they come visit sometime next year). Sad times. So, I wondered about surprising him by making some Croissant dough, as the next challenge that he wanted to try to make (after the previous one of fondant fancies) was “Cronuts”┬áNB. I […]

Packing and Truffles

It’s really getting close to moving day now, I have emptied my jars of stuff into bags and cleaned all my kitchen jars: Haha! Good luck with those moving minions! I have also been using up some more of the ingredients from the kitchen, in this case a tin of condensed milk and a load […]

Coconut Hobnobs

It has been a hella busy week! I spent most of this week at home, catching up with friends, and taking a little trip to Redcar beach for the wonder that is a Lemon Top! Seriously, these things are really good! But, alas I couldn’t stay up there forever, and had to get back to […]

What I wore….

A busy weekend! Saturday was my friends Mark and Cian’s Civil Partnership, a fabulous day with, of course, a Kylie and choreographed first dance and a Rainbow Cake like I made for my birthday a couple of years ago (along with a carrot and a chocolate one) for the wedding cake! Then….. well My Mum […]

Chili Cheese Corn Dodgers

The making of this recipe was inspired by having more random ingredients leftover in the cupboards. Some more random ingredients that you buy for a recipe, like Joy the Baker’s lush baked polenta, or to add some texture to shortbread. Anyhow, the end result is a big bag of cornmeal in my cupboard, so if […]

Almond butter, chocolate, and fig cookies.

…or how do I use up some more random ingredients from the cupboards. I’m not sure why I even had almond butter in the cupboard, but I have been going through them and picking out bits and pieces to inspire me to use them up. Almond butter. Bag of chocolate chips. The rest of a […]

Cake Red Velvet Mini Clutch

It seems most of my time these days is spent sorting and tidying and running errands and thinking up ways to use up all the random items of food in my kitchen cupboards. Tinned pears and lemon jelly anyone? (FYI, totally delicious) I have been trying to relax a little though, and doing a little […]