Monthly Archives: June 2012

Number 100.

I realised something this morning… but more of that later. Another thing I realised is that it’s almost my birthday, and I still haven’t used one of my birthday presents from last year! Look at it… taunting me by still being in it’s wrapper! At first I was freaked out about having to grease and […]

Mrs M’s Birthday Treats: take 1 – Chocolate and Raspberry Butterfly Cakes.

It’s my birthday next week, and as is customary, I must provide cakes for everyone at work…. However, currently I work across 3 sites… 3 lots of people…. 3 lots of cake. For the first lot of cakes, which I took into work with me today, I made vegan gingerbread men (post to follow), vegan […]

Apron making workshop with Ros Marshall

So, I’ve made aprons before, as anyone who has been to my house is well aware….. I have many. Some I have made, some I have bought, some are souvenirs, but I love them all. So when my friend Zoe offered me a spot on an apron making workshop that she had won in a […]

You are my Sunshine.

This is another CrossStitcher Magazine project, I loved it as soon as I saw it in the June issue. I didn’t want to make it into a bag though, it seemed like a bit of a waste of something so bright and fun. I couldn’t resist it though, so thought I would do it and […]

Rose earrings that make my earlobes happy.

I find myself increasingly annoyed when browsing pretty earrings. So so often they are made with nasty nickel containing posts and wires, which make my ears very sad indeed. I am like a nickel detector, even when things are plated in silver, still my earlobes weep. This came to a head a few weeks ago […]

Mrs M’s Lasagne

Did I mention it was Mr M’s birthday today? 😉 As it was his birthday, I decided to make him one of his favourites…. Beef Lasagne. Being a vegetarian, I have never actually tasted it, although people tell me it’s good. I mostly just whack things in,according to the contents of the fridge/cupboards, but they […]

Strawberry, Almond, and Lemon Muffins

It’s Mr M’s birthday tomorrow, as is customary in both his workplace and mine, when it’s your birthday…. you bring cakes. Mr M wrote me a list, Bakewells, Chocolate cake, Millionaire’s Shortbread… But I thought I might experiment a bit too…. I had some Strawberries to use up, and Mr M had opened up some […]

A birthday cake for the Birthday Boy!

Mr M is a LEGO fan. In the May the 4th sale, he treated himself to an Ultimate Collectors Edition Imperial Super Star Destroyer…. Mr M and Brother M hard at work. So, to go with his iPad case, I figured I may as well continue on the theme. I took this piece off the […]

Mr M’s iPad Case

I get carried away sometimes. I get too excited, I like to give presents, in fact so much that often I give things for no apparent reason, or give birthday presents early just because I am overexcited, or they have had a bad day…. or it’s Tuesday…. The upshot of this is that I had […]

My first foray into Needle Felting.

After last week’s CraftBaketacular, I fancied doing some more felting, and have a little project in mind…. But I thought I would have a little play first. However, for this, I need equipment…. Wet felting is easy, requiring bubble wrap (yep, always have random bits about the house), sushi roll mats (£1.48 each from Tesco), […]