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Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup (with Feta)

This weekend we went hiking at Mount Madonna County Park near Watsonville. We were basically hiking in a cloud, then it drizzled, and we were surrounded by beautiful trees. It was just like hiking in Oregon ;o) Afterwards we paid a visit to Birdsong Orchards, a friend of a friend’s farm. This year they planted […]

Spicy Carrot Bread

Today it was time for more bread baking practice. Actually a not too difficult thing to make when you don’t have much equipment. #pleasehurryupcontainershipandstopwithyourscenictourofeurope All you really need is a bowl and a baking tray, and something to knead on, ideally with a dough scraper too. Speaking of bowls: Check out my shiny new bowls! […]

Bake Sale Bakes: Chilli Cheese Twists

So, the last of the things I made for today! I have made some cheese twists before, but added a little spicy extra this time. Rough Puff Pastry Recipe – this is the same recipe as the Banana Tarte Tatin I made from the Great British Bake Off book, but is also available here. Ingredients 225g/8oz plain flour, plus extra […]

Vegetable and Smoked Tofu rice.

When you’ve had a long day, and are super tired having been called out to work in the middle of the night, you really need something quick, simple, easy, and tasty. And to be able to cheat massively while making it. This was inspired by some smoked tofu I spotted while shopping on Saturday: ..and […]

Tofu Nasi Goreng

I first made this recipe from the aide of a packet of Marinated Tofu pieces, since then we have made it many times, mixing it up (dependent on the contents of the fridge), and it has become a regular fixture Chez Marsh. 5 nights in Whistler = each couple making a meal, and a special […]