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More presents for husbands….. Jedediah Shorts and Pants.

So these are what took me the most time over the last week. At some points I was beginning to wish I hadn’t started them, but the end result was worth it. Probably. Anyhow, after my success of making myself jeans the other week, Mr M decided he wanted some too. I was going to […]

Lakeside Pajamas

I bought this pattern ages ago. In the Black Friday sale in fact. Yup, as I said. Ages ago. But last week it suddenly went all unseasonably warm. Even for California. And I melted. It was a sign of things to come. It was time to embrace having a full on summer wardrobe, I have […]

Crafty update: Hook Roll, Cross stitch and getting my sourdough mojo back

I have been busy I tell you! Granted, the majority of these were done yesterday when I had the day off work, but I did two of the little ones tonight. I think I might be getting the hang of it! Here’s a close up of the large ones: They are constructed of alternating rounds […]

Christmas Gifts: Cross stitch kits

Earlier in the year I made my own pattern for a fabulous bacteriological cross stitch kit. When I was planning out christmas presents, I saw some really fun patterns on the weelittlestitches Etsy site. So I bought a few to make into kits as presents… I made up little sets using all the threads…. ………………..material, […]

Mrs M’s Birthday Treats: take 3 – Ginger Wookies

Up until about a week ago, I had never seen Star Wars. I know. Mr M bought me these: …so as part of my birthday stuff for work i decided to make some Wookies. Cue attempts to sound like Chewbacca……and utter failure! Each time I take things into work I try to do some vegan […]