Monthly Archives: November 2013

Vegetables and Cheesy “Biscuits”

So… Happy Thanksgiving! Now I live over here I guess I need to embrace these things, We’re planning a Facetime date watching the parade with our friend Ashlei, and I made some croissants! It’s the simple Edd Kimber version of Croissant dough like I used for the Cronuts, and I made them for the first […]

Raisin and Fennel Bread

My husband is awesome. He got back from Texas on Thursday night (a long saga of delays and diversions which lead to me having to drive to SFO at midnight), and now my laptop is now back working again! Hurrah! It was a bit touch and go, I thought it might be beyond saving, which […]

Pictures from my phone.

This week is not a good week for me and technology. I dropped my phone, it is now making some very sad noises but is thankfully still working as my laptop is no longer! We had linked it up to the TV so that we could watch Netflix on the bigger screen and it messed […]

Spicy Carrot Bread

Today it was time for more bread baking practice. Actually a not too difficult thing to make when you don’t have much equipment. #pleasehurryupcontainershipandstopwithyourscenictourofeurope All you really need is a bowl and a baking tray, and something to knead on, ideally with a dough scraper too. Speaking of bowls: Check out my shiny new bowls! […]

Embracing California living!

We’ve been really starting to settle in now. We drove out to Santa Cruz on Saturday and spent some time watching the surfing, and looking around the surfing museum. Obligatory Wayfarers on pose by the Ocean: But of course I couldn’t visit Santa Cruz without a visit to Hart Fabrics, so picked up a few […]

Banana, Chocolate and Ginger Softies

After seeing I think the 20th place, we have finally come to a decision on places to live. Hurrah! No more endlessly looking for places, touring around places…… It gets kinda dull after a while. One of our things we were looking for was lots of storage, and a nice big kitchen for me to […]

Sundried Tomato and Oregano Bread

Progress! We have our Social Security Numbers now, so I can get all my paperwork submitted! Wooo! The end to my unemployment may be in sight! When I say in sight, of course I mean in about 3 months time when it all goes through, but still….. Progress! We also have been busy checking out […]

Lemon and Ginger Baked Doughnuts.

I was starting to worry that my brain was atrophying from lack of use. It’s been a month today since my last day at work, and since then I haven’t really done anything science related, and I worry that I will forget it all! Thankfully, as part of the welcome package our relocation agency gave […]

Settling in.

So, it’s been a gradual process, but things are getting done! Moving to a whole new country requires a lot of paperwork and applying for things, but it’s all in hand, we have a bank account, social security application done, and have been viewing places to rent and checking out neighbourhoods. Our temporary accommodation is […]