Monthly Archives: June 2014

Maritime Shorts and a Non-Tiny Pocket Tank

This week was a little Grainline Double. I was in real need of more shorts in my wardrobe, so decided to make a pair of Maritime Shorts. I also wanted to give the Tiny Pocket Tank another shot, as I had made it before, but it always didn’t quite fit properly. I always found it […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread

I don’t really like nuts. It’s something that makes people who like nuts go: “Have you even tried them? When was the last time you tried some? You can’t dislike all nuts” Well, I like the taste of Almond, and like ground almonds in stuff, but if I were to eat an Almond, I would […]

More presents for husbands….. Jedediah Shorts and Pants.

So these are what took me the most time over the last week. At some points I was beginning to wish I hadn’t started them, but the end result was worth it. Probably. Anyhow, after my success of making myself jeans the other week, Mr M decided he wanted some too. I was going to […]

Presents for Husbands when you’re on a budget.

Yep. Still unemployed. (Although that may be about to change…….) I did ask Mr M “So… what would you like to buy yourself for your birthday?”…………… Yeah, pretty much my only option other than buying him something with his own money, is to make him something. Using materials bought with his own money. But still, […]

A quick post about Arancini

This is just a really quick post, a little add on extra to my previous posts on risotto (Mushroom and Rosemary, Beetroot, Butternut Squash and Sage, Goat’s Cheese, Pea, and Lemon). Most of the time when I make risotto, I make enough for 4-5 people (generally only 4, as Mr M will usually have an […]

Quick Pea and Mint Soup

I have a bad habit of seeing random ingredients at the supermarket and buying them. A month or so ago it was the turn of some Green Pea Flour that I saw at Milk Pail Market. I can’t deny that part of the reason for buying it was so I could say to Mr M that […]

Franken-Indie: My Keilabetto

I wasn’t sure whether this would be submissible for Franken-Indie, technically, I am not actually combining two sewing patterns, more a freebie crochet pattern with sewing instructions, and a freebie sewing pattern. But after consultation with those in charge, it is, and so I made sure to take it out of the work-in-progress-but-being-ignored pile and […]

New to Me Challenge: The Slender Bell Jean by Angela Wolf

It seems like this week is a week for practicing my topstitching! I am a great lover of jeans. I used to generally pull on a pair every morning, pick a tshirt from the enormous collection, then out of the door. But, the perfect pair of jeans is an elusive creature, something that requires the […]

New to Me Challenge: Kyoto Kimono Jacket by Elise Patterns

This wasn’t what I originally intended to make for the New-to-Me challenge this week, but then I saw this pattern on the Mercury Handmade blog, Loved it. Bought it. ……………..then realized that because of of the width of the pattern pieces, I wasn’t going to be able to use any pieces from my ever-growing stash, and would […]

Cheesey Cauliflower and Pasta Pie…. with an optional little “Slap”

It’s been a while, but I thought I would take a brief break from the sewing posts, and do a little experimental cooking. A friend of mine swears by a little bit of Slap Ya Mama to add a little spicy kick to everything. I saw some the other day, so decided to buy some […]