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Flying Ducks

Lately we have been sidetracked by trying to move out of our apartment and into a real house. Unfortunately all the places we have seen either had some sort of weird landlord situation, was next to the freeway, small and/or gross, or all of the above. Just as we had lost the will to keep […]


I keep working on little projects to fill gaps on our walls. The more recent ones have yet to make it onto the actual walls…. but that is beside the point. I want colour on those walls! Colour! This was a pretty quick stitch from CrossStitcher Magazine, on simple white aida, but with all the […]

QR Code Cross Stitch: A Little Gift

Every year I struggle with trying to come up with fun gifts for my beloved. This was originally going to be a part of his Christmas present, but…. I caved and decided to give him it a little early. He has previously stitched a storm trooper, and some other Star Wars characters, and I have […]

A Trio of Granulocytes

When I learn new things, I like to learn by doing. The very act of smearing blood on a slide, or sticking needles in people’s arms – practice makes perfect. But learning facts and figures? Ummmmmm HELP!?! I recently completed my training rotation in Chemistry, and have moved into H(a)ematology. It is a pretty steep […]

The Gospel according to Gaston.

Ahhhh Time. Something of which I don’t seem to have all that much of lately. I think I used to somehow make better use of my time while we lived in the UK, I had a full-time (+extra) job, crafted, and managed to fit in some exercise, yet at the moment I am struggling to […]

Balloon Plant Pokes

Some people have green fingers and thumbs. Plants just love them, and they are able to grow wonderful displays of colourful blooms and magnificent greenery, have vegetable plots with oodles of produce…….. I am not one of these people. I have the touch of death to plants in general, but have been having some luck […]

#happy #sad

#happy #sad This represents a whole load of different things to me right now. For example…… last week I quit my job. This was in itself a happy thing, happy because it is part of the bigger picture and I now have one month off before I go back to school this fall, and also […]

You there. You get a Gold Star!

This past couple weeks have been a bit of a blur. Hectic and busy, so much going on, but soon, very soon this will change. Work-wise I have been training another member of staff who has stepped into the breach to save us when we were in a bit of a bind. There was a […]

The Summer Quest: Giardia lamblia

One of my favourite fellow Bay Area Sewists, the lovely Rebecca, challenged me to a microbe-making summer quest, inspired by this post. You can buy those patterns from Etsy, but I wanted to explore making some more in the same vein as my beautiful E. coli. For my first one, I decided to pick a […]

Wedding Camper Stitch

This was a labour of love. One of my best friends from the UK was getting married, and I wanted to make them something as a wedding gift. I had a little something in mind, but it was a project that I knew was going to take a long time, so I was initially kinda […]