Monthly Archives: April 2013

Peacock Print Dress (and getting to use my new toys)

Having now got both a shiny new overlocker, and a shiny new crafting table….. time to test them out! A friend of mine is getting married on Friday, so I decided to try to make myself something to wear. One of my favourite patterns for a top is Simplicity 3835, I must have made at […]

DIY Craft/ Layout table using a HEMNES day bed.

Before we went on holiday in March, we had to get our spare room ready for guests, as a friend of mine from work was staying in our house to look after it and our cats while we were away. In preparation, mainly it involved transforming the room of shame into a more organised and […]

I have a new toy!

Squeeeee! The excitement! Mr M bought me a present: I took about half an hour to thread it the first time…… it was somewhat confusing. But I like that the thread channels are coloured and numbered, so now I have done it once I think it will be much easier, The most confusing part was […]

The Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge: Final – Mary Berry’s Fondant Fancies

This weekend I went to work, had some lovely food at Hart’s Bakery, then went to a friend’s birthday BBQ with the theme of “Beardfest”. I took the crochet moustache off my neckwarmer and used double sided sticky tape to stick it to my face. It was quite the spiffy look. Today, we went for […]

Cute Camera.

We had a visit from Mr and Mrs M (Snr) last week on their way back home from Somerset. Mrs M left us… well me… the gift of a stinking cold, which led me to wreck my almost perfect sickness record and have 2 days off work. Ugh. Sinuses blocked. Nose running. Irritating cough. Check. […]

Come on in! (Updated 17.04.2013)

I was suddenly seized upon the urge to do a bit of cross stitch this weekend. I haven’t done any for a long while, so flicked through some old issues of CrossStitcher and looked for a little something to do. (most issues have a few tabs or photocopies inside where I have seen something I […]

Apron making kit.

Just after Christmas I posted about some of the lovely things I received. One of which was a kit to make an apron, a GRAND gift no? Jump to 4 months later… I still haven’t made it. Shucks. *cough* Lizzie *cough* Pants *cough*. So I did. The instructions came with the pattern for the top […]

Isa’s Quinoa Puttanesca

An unfortunate side effect of a 3 and a half week holiday is, well…… not doing any of the walking, or metafit, or anything I usually do, consuming more than even my usual amount of doughnuts, icecream, and other goodies….. my jeans are now somewhat tight. Erk. This is not only a “low calorie”, healthy […]

Cheesey Leftover Vegetable Bread Twist

It has been a busy weekend! I drove up to Manchester after work on Friday night to meet up with my Mum. I had bought us tickets to the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester on Saturday, having quite enjoyed ourselves at the one in London in September. It featured a life sized gingerbread house […]

Bowl covers.

I have been embracing bread making recently, but it’s a bit of a pain to faff about with cling film or teatowels to cover up your bowl while proving dough. I saw a tip on the programme “The Fabulous Baker Brothers” was to use a shower cap to cover your bowl while proving instead of […]