Monthly Archives: July 2015

You there. You get a Gold Star!

This past couple weeks have been a bit of a blur. Hectic and busy, so much going on, but soon, very soon this will change. Work-wise I have been training another member of staff who has stepped into the breach to save us when we were in a bit of a bind. There was a […]

Book Review: Seven Spoons by Tara O’Brady

Seven Spoons was not a blog that I had come across before in my reading. It is a very wordy blog, with recipe posts interspersed with tales of life. the book is much the same, along with a book introduction, each recipe begins with a tale of how it came about and background. You can […]

The Summer Quest: Giardia lamblia

One of my favourite fellow Bay Area Sewists, the lovely Rebecca, challenged me to a microbe-making summer quest, inspired by this post. You can buy those patterns from Etsy, but I wanted to explore making some more in the same vein as my beautiful E. coli. For my first one, I decided to pick a […]

Wedding Camper Stitch

This was a labour of love. One of my best friends from the UK was getting married, and I wanted to make them something as a wedding gift. I had a little something in mind, but it was a project that I knew was going to take a long time, so I was initially kinda […]

Book Review: My New Roots by Sarah Britton

I have a fairly large, and getting bigger, collection of books dedicated to natural and vegetarian cooking. Before selecting this book, I did a bit of research into what it would add to my library: Sarah Britton is the lady behind My New Roots, a blog, recipe site, and now book dedicated to what she calls “all-inclusive” […]

Cooking with Chef Watson

A few months ago my friend and I had a our first play with the beta version of IBM’s Chef Watson. However, at that stage….. it was mostly a case of “Go home Watson… You’re drunk”, after the recipes told us to “de-bone” the tofu, or take something and cook it in 2/3 “Theutes”….. Yep. We […]