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Hobnob Day 2014

So, alas this year we can’t join in the mass handout on Stokes Croft. Did that stop us from spreading oat-y joy? It did not. I took the opportunity to extend the hand of biscuit-y friendship to our neighbours, packaging up little bags of oat-y biscuit-y joy and popping them on everyone’s doorsteps: I also […]

Last day at work time!

The past couple of years Mr M and I have been living in a kind of life limbo. Soon that limbo will end with the start of a new chapter in our lives, when we move to San Jose, but before that had to come the end of this one. So, yesterday was my last […]

Hobnob day: Chocolate and Ginger, Cinnamon and Raisin, and Seedy Vegan.

It’s International Homemade Hobnob Celebration day! I spent the majority of the morning in bed reading my Kindle. The benefit (and indeed, the drawback) of the Kindle, is that when you finish one book in a series… you can just download the next one… until you run out of books of course. Eventually however, I […]

Preparing for hobnob day… Mammoth Hobnob baking, and a new variation.

It’s International Homemade Hobnob Celebration day tomorrow, and plans are afoot for a handout of free hobnobs to the people of bristol. Free handouts require many hobnobs… Butter, syrup and water… added to… Oats, flour, sugar and bicarbonate of soda….. Spoonfuls flattened on a tray…. = many tiers of hobnobs cooling…. However, I also decided […]

Hobnobs are a happy thing.

Anyone that attends any event I host or go to will know that there is a high chance that hobnobs will be present. The lovely Steph from theloveofit.co.uk made them first, gave me the recipe, and then created International Homemade Hobnob Celebration Day in their honour. (7th of January this year hobnob fans!) The recipe […]