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I keep working on little projects to fill gaps on our walls. The more recent ones have yet to make it onto the actual walls…. but that is beside the point. I want colour on those walls! Colour! This was a pretty quick stitch from CrossStitcher Magazine, on simple white aida, but with all the […]

Wedding Camper Stitch

This was a labour of love. One of my best friends from the UK was getting married, and I wanted to make them something as a wedding gift. I had a little something in mind, but it was a project that I knew was going to take a long time, so I was initially kinda […]

A gentle reminder for forgetful people.

You know how it is. You think to yourself “yep, I must do that later” and then the thought completely vanishes from your mind. Yup. I got a new car (first and probably only time I will ever have a brand new car in my life!) at the end of last year, and since then […]

You can’t have a party without Party Rings.

This afternoon I had a little baking session. This little baking and decorating session was inspired by a quick little cross stitch project I completed this week. This was from the June 2013 issue of CrossStitcher Magazine, bookmarked (literally) for (2) years and not yet tackled! On our recent trip home for a wedding we […]

The Red Red Robin……… : Erithacus rubecula

I guess with this pattern being the freebie for December, it was meant to be a bit seasonal… but alas. I didn’t finish it back then! Done! He is kinda cute. But yey! I did it. I finally caught up with my birds and completed the set.   So now they are all up on […]

Hedwig: Bubo scandiacus

Sometimes fixing a mistake is so depressing and time consuming. I guess that this is an example of when it is acceptable to trash something and start over. I started this penultimate bird in the CrossStitcher Magazine series a couple of months ago, messed up part of it early on, and then it took so […]

Golden Eagle: Aquila chrysaetos

Just another couple of birds to go after this one, then I think the CrossStitcher series is done! I have been a little busy of late, and finding time for crafting has been a challenge. Weekend before last we went to Seattle to visit some friends, I got to try a Kouign Amann (and think […]