Monthly Archives: March 2012

Knitted Mouse Snowsuit

Yes, more mouse clothing. this one is a long time coming as I started it, but had lots of other things happening at the same time so it got a bit left to one side temporarily. This time involved much more mixing it up patternwise, and was inspired by the real Saffy Mouse, who was […]

Malt Loaf

Last night I was on call, I managed about 3 hours sleep, so once I finally got back home at 6, I caught up on Gossip Girl, waited for my alarm to go off, then thought it was probably time to go back to bed. I managed to sleep in until all of 10am…. then […]

Baking with Herman: Herman the friendly cake.

It turns out, good deeds really do get repaid. I took in my chocolate cake, apple tart, and swiss chocolate to work today, resulting in much delight from my colleagues. Apple Tart was lush, Chocolate cake was really delicious…. Yumtastic. When I got to work, I was also presented with this: Complete with these instructions: […]

Schokolade Kuchen (Chocolate cake, Swiss style)

So it’s return from holiday time again! Along with a return to the Apple tart, I googled Swiss cake recipes and came up with this. ———————————————————————————————————————- Recipe for Schokolade Kuchen (Chocolate cake) – taken from here Ingredients 150 g margarine 230 g sugar 6 eggs 1 pinch of salt 5 g  of vanilla sugar 200 […]

Rainbow Cake

When it came to my birthday last year… I wanted the most colourful cake I could. I gathered my gel colours and set to work. For the mix, I used my standard mix, with 3 eggs for each two layers, dividing it into two bowls, and colouring them separately. I started with the bottom two, […]

Torta Gegia (Gegia’s Apple Tart) (updated 27.03.2012)

We took a long weekend to Switzerland to stay with our friends for a bit of skiing. While there I was browsing through one of their recipe books. Also while there, I took a tumble on the first day, skidded on my face (with my poor chin bearing the brunt of it), and ended up […]

Cross stitcher in training… update

So last time I posted, the training cross stitch looked like this: ….because, I had ran out of thread in order to finish it! £3.48 and a little bit of time later…. …and I had finished the stitching, and dissolved the soluble canvas… (icky stuff, but probably less fiddly than waste canvas?) Then cut out […]

Vegetable and Smoked Tofu rice.

When you’ve had a long day, and are super tired having been called out to work in the middle of the night, you really need something quick, simple, easy, and tasty. And to be able to cheat massively while making it. This was inspired by some smoked tofu I spotted while shopping on Saturday: ..and […]

A Geekcraft iPod case.

One of my/ our Christmas presents this year was this: Oh yes, a book of super cool geek chic craft projects. I had debated making an iPod case for mine…. But put it off, then left it on a plane on the way to Seattle. Sad times. Goodbye Blackie. Thankfully our travel insurance covered most […]

Pear, Almond, and Tahini Cake… Yes… Tahini.

Tahini. That most common of all cake ingredients. I first heard about Marian Keyes’ Recipe book when I read about it in the Metro. It also reprinted this recipe, and I took a picture of it with my phone… but only realised later that it hadn’t come out well enough to read ……and by then […]