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Watermelon Baby Cardigan

Am I on a knitting roll this week or what? Not only did I finish my baby blanket, but someone shared this pattern from Ravelry amongst my knitting group this week. Adorable no? I was pretty sure there was no way I would get around to knitting it in time (it is written for 0-3 […]

Striped Blanket

When we first found out we were expecting a baby, I decided that I wanted to knit something. Sure, I knew I was going to make oodles of baby bibs etc, but there is something nice about making something by hand. I decided on this little baby blanket, as I figured that even if it […]

The Summer Quest: Streptococci

Ok, so it’s not quite in line with the aforementioned quest as it is not embroidered, but I figured any crafted organism counts! These little guys are more in line with my cute little crochet Campylobacter, but instead of a twirly rod with flagella, Streptococci are made up of chains of cocci (spherical cells). Streptococci form chains […]

Superchunky Snood

Sometimes I like to treat myself to buying a real hard copy of one of the UK crafting magazines. A couple of months before Christmas I bought the Mollie Makes Christmas Magbook so I could ogle all the crafting projects I would like to do if I had time, and the cute Wool and the […]

Knot Cushion

This project originated way back in August, when my friend Rachael and I were sat in my old local pub in Bristol (Yey for The Old Stillage!), and she was telling me about these cool knot cushions she had seen while on holiday in Iceland, but couldn’t justify £150 for one cushion. being crafty ladies […]

Presents for Husbands when you’re on a budget.

Yep. Still unemployed. (Although that may be about to change…….) I did ask Mr M “So… what would you like to buy yourself for your birthday?”…………… Yeah, pretty much my only option other than buying him something with his own money, is to make him something. Using materials bought with his own money. But still, […]

Moss the (long overdue to be completed) Rabbit

So, when I say it is long overdue to be completed…. I started this project in June 2010! It was originally to be a maternity leave present for someone I used to work with, now of course little Stevie is coming up to 2 years old, and baby number 2 is imminent… and I no […]

Yosemite and a very overdue Princess Leia hat.

At the moment 3 of our friends from England are visiting…………………….. just when the weather in California decided to remember it was actually winter and start raining. Boo! (But I guess we need the rain to top up our reservoirs otherwise we are going to be short this year!) So we drove to Yosemite this […]

Crate and Barrel inspired decorative cushion.

Our visitors have gone up to Sonoma for a couple of days, so it affords me the luxury of a bit of time to finish off some projects that had been languishing mostly complete. One was the cat tags, they just needed me to find where I had hidden the collars, attach them, and then […]

A matching horseshoe cable cowl.

Monday was new keys day! Super  Exciting! When we get our stuff, that will be even more exciting, but this is exciting nonetheless. Our container has cleared customs #Yeah Customs! #Younailedit! But……………… is now awaiting a delivery slot so we can get it picked up from Oakland, and delivered to our new place……. Bah! Anyhow, […]