Monthly Archives: September 2014

Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup (with Feta)

This weekend we went hiking at Mount Madonna County Park near Watsonville. We were basically hiking in a cloud, then it drizzled, and we were surrounded by beautiful trees. It was just like hiking in Oregon ;o) Afterwards we paid a visit to Birdsong Orchards, a friend of a friend’s farm. This year they planted […]

For Science!

Another busy week, but I made these two little lovelies last weekend, took some pictures, then didn’t get around to posting them. One of my friend Baxter and I’s favourite expression is “For Science!” Pretty much everything in our lives is “For Science!” But then again,……………………….. we are scientists. It is also kinda inspired by […]

Hope and Greenwood’s Pulled Butter Toffee

For a few weeks back in July/August (?) on Friday nights, before Great British Bake Off Extra Slice, there was a show on BBC2 brought to you by those sugar superfans Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood called Sweets Made Simple. One of those show that makes you drool and want to make everything. You know […]

Huffin’ and a little Puffin: Fratercula arctica

2 weeks off from cycling to work? My legs of steel have dwindled in power to legs of……… lettuce. Ack. Anyhow, this little guy I stitched on Sunday, while I was having a completely lazy not-getting-out-of-my-pyjamas-for-anybody sort of day, a day of relaxation so I could finally readjust and recover from the jet lag! Ta […]

Crochet Campylobacter

My new job really gets in the way of my crafting time. But happily, it has not been work getting in the way over the past couple of weeks, but holidaying! Woo! We went back to England for a visit, and spent a lot of time in a hire car driving over a thousand miles […]