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Ok, so the reason I have been so busy this week… (or one of the reasons… I also was at work all week… and on call on monday… and something else but more on that later) is because when we got back from our weekend away on Monday, I got straight on with making a […]

Mocha Tarts

Man this week has been a busy one! So busy in fact that I have had no time to write this little post about something I made for last weekend! (The cushion post I scheduled a while back, but didn’t want to post it until after we had given them away!) It was Mr M’s […]

A good guest always brings gifts!

Or that’s what they say. As it’s my big 30 this year, it seemed like an ideal occasion to have a family get together. The location for this get together is my cousin’s place, the most relaxing place ever. Among it’s many fantastic qualities, it has acres of woodland, a large trampoline, and a permanent […]

Stag Beetle

Another Cross Stitched project complete! This, again, came from issue 256 of CrossStitcher Magazine, submitted and designed by Genevieve Brading of Floss and Mischief (I also love this Snout-esque Beetle available online). Things are a bit up in the air at the moment at Marsh Towers (hence the need for stress-reducing stitching), but we shall have to […]

A pretty little Sorbetto

While the weather has turned overcast, the temperature is still kinda warm. Time to get out your summer wardrobe! Or to add cute sleeveless tops to it….. Enter the Sorbetto pattern. It’s really easy to make, and doesn’t take all that much fabric. Two pieces, couple of darts…. sew front to back, edge in binding…… […]

DIY Ironing Board Cover

Just because I hadn’t done quite enough sewing already this weekend…….. (p.s. I also completed a currently secret gift sewing project) I have a slightly sad ironing board, it is old, it’s covers are thin and bedraggled looking:   As I had been using it quite a bit (not for ironing any clothes you understand, […]

I finished my Pyjamas!

So, earlier this week I posted a little about the bias piping and waist tie I made for my pyjamas for the Tofino Pyjama Party. Now, I have finished them! Woo! Score one for rain induced productivity! I promised also that the fabric was somewhat…erm….. beautiful and one to coordinate with such brightly coloured trimmings! […]

Current projects.

Ok, so not all of my current projects… a couple are secret… Shhhhh! But a little glimpse and tease as to what is occurring at Marsh towers this week! After I finished the Elephant cross stitch… I needed another cross stitch fix, it’s just so darn therapeutic when you are stressed about other things! So […]

So… what have I been upto?

This week has been yet again, uncharacteristically lovely. Weather-wise anyway. It’s almost like it is actually summer, rather than this rubbish, rainy, cold stuff we have been used to over the last few years. I hope it stays for a little while at least. But while it’s so nice outside, it seems a waste to […]

Busy week!

You might have imagined from my lack of posting that I have been not doing a lot. That would be incorrect. It has been a very busy week indeed! The Rhubarb cordial I made at the beginning of the week formed part of a little breaktime treat on Tuesday. As we are now civil servants, there is […]