Monthly Archives: February 2014

Inverted pleat sorbetto

On Sunday I was reminded of the fact that I now live in California. The sun was shining, it was unseasonable mild (even for California), and I realised that I was definitely going to need some summer appropriate clothing this year! I made a batch of Tiny Pocket Tanks a few weeks ago, but this […]

A quick little DIY using a laser cut shape.

This quick little project started when I saw some little laser cut wood shapes at Michaels, while I was in there for some DMC threads the other day….. and with a coupon, cost all of 50c! (plus tax) I know, I should have probably used the 50% off on something a little more exciting, but […]

Paperwork and a quick zippered pouch.

Paperwork has to be one of my most hated things. Killing a load of trees just so I can jump through a load of bureaucratic hoops to get re-qualified. Le sigh. As a little treat to myself, after I had sorted that, I decided it was time for a bit of sewing! I had picked […]

Lime Curd, and having too much fun to be posting.

Yeah. It has been a while. But I have had guests! Been busy entertaining and having fun, and I have also been away, as I took them to Portland for a long weekend, and then to Seattle. Lots of fun things occurring. Despite the rain. My friend Lizzie and I also managed to fit in […]

Yosemite and a very overdue Princess Leia hat.

At the moment 3 of our friends from England are visiting…………………….. just when the weather in California decided to remember it was actually winter and start raining. Boo! (But I guess we need the rain to top up our reservoirs otherwise we are going to be short this year!) So we drove to Yosemite this […]

Grävling (the Swedish badger) gets some Pyjamas.

This little project started from something silly. Such a silly story that I’m not sure why I am telling you. Mr M was napping on my shoulder, while we were watching tv, and complaining that it wasn’t comfortable and so using our soft toy badger (an IKEA special, which is why it’s name is Grävling) […]

Lovebird: Agapornis fischeri……. and Yorkshire Puddings.

I have been stuck in a cross stitch rut. I am still working away at my Bristol Balloons cross stitch project, but the easy part is over now (the blocks of colour for the bridge towers), and now I am on the slow to complete foliage. There are 4 different greens, with a non-uniform pattern, […]