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Where I remade my top….

Today, I could have gone out to the Harbour Festival. I could have been energetic and done something productive outside. But I was tired and not really feeling it. FYI, it also chucked it down with crazy torrential rain in little out of the blue showers later on, so perhaps I was as well to […]

Apron making workshop with Ros Marshall

So, I’ve made aprons before, as anyone who has been to my house is well aware….. I have many. Some I have made, some I have bought, some are souvenirs, but I love them all. So when my friend Zoe offered me a spot on an apron making workshop that she had won in a […]

Upcycling: Pyjamas into Aprons

I had some pyjama bottoms. I loved them. I wore them lots. Then one of my cats: Butter wouldn’t melt right? Tore a hole in them, which grew larger…. and larger…. until they were really indecent for use as pyjamas. Sad times, what to do? Take these: and unpick the seams… Plus this: and my […]