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The CraftBaketacular: day 5, making cakes, running errands, and Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli

Today, we got up and got straight on with making the cakes needed for the big cake for my friend’s niece. We also had to go get some bits and pieces for finishing it off, did a bit of cross stitch, watched Enchanted, and did some giggling. For our tea? We fired up the KitchenAid, […]

The CraftBaketacular: day 4, a trip to the fabric shop, cinema, and some Lego

This morning we started the day with a Metafit class, then a quick shower and it was time to get on with stuff! We took a trip into town to get some bits and pieces of fabric, went to see Snow White and the Huntsman (not as bad as I was expecting), then came home […]

The CraftBaketacular: day 3 – Pottergasm.

Today we took the day off from crafting, and took Rivka on a surprise trip out for her birthday. It was a surprise we were going anywhere until yesterday, and up until we turned off the motorway and into the carpark… little did she know that our destination was… Warner Bros Studio Tour! Totally amazing, […]

The CraftBaketacular: day 2 – more Potter, more writing, and planning some party prizes.

What could be more British than a nice Village Fete style competition. …and for a prize? A nice rosette. The original inspiration came from an issue of CrossStitcher magazine, but then I elaborated on it to truly embrace Britishness. First prize… Savoury first prize. Represented by a cucumber sandwich. Sweet first prize. Battenberg! Then I […]

The CraftBaketacular: Day 1, chilling, sugarcraft, metalwork, and Harry Potter

Two of my best friends arrived today… For a week…. And it’s going to be CraftBaketacular! We started with a spot of lunch at Grounded, then watched some Harry Potter (the first two are awful, so it didn’t matter that we weren’t paying much attention) while chatting and making stuff. Rivka has been making stainless […]

Applesauce Softies

Over the weekend (while making Hermans), my kitchen slave (thanks Mum) chopped up lots of lovely apple into little bitty bits for the cakes. I had some leftover, so made it into applesauce with a view to making these lovelies that I had earmarked for making. P.S. my method of choice is chopped up apple, […]

Emma Bridgewater Jubilee Cross stitch (updated 25.05.2012 and 05.06.2012)

Ok, so you know I said I was practicing my cross stitching ready to make that Emma Bridgewater pattern…. I finally bit the bullet, bought the threads (and some nice linen to sew it onto), and got on with it! It started with something resembling Hieroglyphs…. Then once I started to add the other colours… […]


Recently, a friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her Niece. In the Night Garden is her favourite, and so she wanted that as a theme…. Cue panic. I can’t make figures. Thankfully, a brief search showed me that we could purchase some little plastic figures. Panic over. Then she also wanted […]

Baking with Herman: take 6 – Carrot, Orange, Cinnamon and Raisin, Apple, Cinnamon and Oat, and Apple, Rosemary and Orange

Ok, we’re full on mixing it up now! Herman bake day again, so I decided to opt for a fairly traditional Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting, then experimented a bit using Apple as the base ingredient. ——————————————- Carrot, Cinnamon and Raisin Herman Recipe Ingredients 1 portion Herman 160ml sunflower oil 250g sugar 350g self […]

Rose Elliot’s Spinach and Lentil Gratin.

My Mumsy came to visit this weekend, always the problem of what to feed a meat eater when you’re a vegetarian…. But I had been flicking through one of my books this week, looking for something to cook that wasn’t the same thing over again. This recipe caught my eye, and although it uses 1kg […]